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    Ooh you what an evil thing
    What a cruel word
    You have a heart of a rock I say, how can you make our children loose their life's before time? You are a fiasco in our lives, a forever pain in our hearts and a forever negativity in our self esteems

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    Be the man the nation needs. Lead an example to the upcoming generations, be the voice of the voiceless woman instead of being the pain of the painless woman. Be a man a female would feel safe around

    Young girls are no longer safe because of you. We the lonely figures when others are enjoying life because we are afraid of South AFRICAN MEN. STAND OUT AND TAKE YOUR PLACE BECAUSE Africa needs you, we look up to you. Be wise, different, end the tears of our mothers and sisters. Act we no longer cry we just say what Happens happens, so please end it we need you

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