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Padraic Colum (8 December 1881 – 11 January 1972) was an Irish poet, novelist, dramatist, biographer, playwright, children's author and collector of folklore. He was one of the leading figures of the Irish Literary Revival.

Early life Portrait drawing of Colum by John B. Yeats, 1900s Colum was born Patrick Columb in a County Longford workhouse, where his father worked. He was the first of eight children born to Patrick and Susan Columb. When the fathe...
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Padraic Colum Poems

  • A Cradle Song
    O men from the fields,
    Come gently within.
    Tread softly, softly
    O men coming in! ...
  • No Child
    I HEARD in the night the pigeons
    Stirring within their nest:
    The wild pigeons' stir was tender,
    Like a child's hand at the breast. ...
  • Queen Gormlai
    NOT fingers that e'er felt
    Fine things within their hold
    Drew needles in and through,
    And smoothed out the fold, ...
  • Young Girl: Annam
    I AM a young girl;
    I live here alone:
    I write long letters
    But there is no one ...
  • Dedication: To M. C. M. C.
    THE well-
    They come to it and take
    Their cupful or their palmful out of it.
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Night 27 Heart 21 Sea 21 Fire 20 House 20 Dark 19 Hear 19 Never 18 Song 18 Long 18

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  • Auralaudiobook: the golden fleece and the heroes who lived before achilles by pádraic colum (1881 - 1972)|audiobook
  • Tomjmcguire: longford poet padraic colum.
  • Johnstonglenn: poet, publisher and art collector scofield thayer died otd in 1982. in 1918 he wrote a nuanced piece on james joyce for the dial and in 1919 became its owner and editor. he sent joyce $700 after learning of his financial difficulties from mutual friends padraic and mary colum.
  • Culturesand: tales & legends of hawaii by padraic colum illus by juliette may fraser vi+ii ex
  • Lonestarmick: padraic laughs and tugs at his shoelaces. "some day for a wedding, huh?"... "at least the sun is shining. we got married in the pissings of rain, remember?" "yeah, but we were normal and that was ireland." "since when was ireland normal?" colum mccann, "stolen child"
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