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  • No Miracle
    They had a tale on which to gloat,
    The gossips sitting in a row:
    How Feylimeed took wife by throat
    And broke her beauty with a blow....
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J_georgeson26: sac state bound cowen meyer rips an rbi double off the wall in dead center that scores daniel corkery. hillmen lead 1-0 in the bottom of the first and are still threatening.
Realpmurphy: born in macroom on this day 150 years ago: playwright t.c murray. he co-founded the cork dramatic society with daniel corkery & terence macswiney. a realist who wrote about rural irish life, he won bronze at the 1924 paris olympics in the arts competition for his play birthright.
Dan_corkery: ‘they call him “messi” but that shot was beautiful’ — daniel corkery
Noonofday: "also bring them to the aristocrats." card found inside a 1925 edition of daniel corkery's 'hidden ireland':
Nemoloris: daniel corkery longed for an improved version of burns which he could enjoy in the spirit of alec guinness’s parson from kind hearts and coronets, whose west window reminded him of ‘all the exuberance of chaucer without, happily, any of the concomitant crudities of his period.’
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