I feel so vulnerable in this world full of perfectionist
Still don't understand why I can't be my own person
why do I smile with my face covered
why do I try the same clothes 100 times after which I change into another
why don't I have the courage to love
I get nervous when I enter into a room full of people
Why can't I trust myself

I know, I'm insecure
That's why I'm antisocial
That's why I'm a cryptic of who I really am
Hiding under my sophisticated makeup
I delete 100 pictures before posting none
That's why I'm afraid to speak my truth
Hiding away from the lethal criticism of the world

I am insecure
That's why I'm loosing my candor and confidence each day
Loosing my originality to this ideology of perfection
I am a girl curbed by society to be myself
I must be perfect and hide my flaws which is me
But how can I hide myself forever