I keep on wondering,
In the absence of your eyes
That shine like the waters of the Nile
Its moisturising flapping
And elegant blushing.
Oh girl I just dare to keep your passion
Underneath my hearth.

That absence makes my heart fonder
Woman, you woman, I wonder
Once I sink into your bosom
Dancing in the dry season's pleasures
Give me your dizziness I keep
I'll give you my happiness to live in.
Is this love I seek?
In beseech?

I see stars in your jolliness
A great future in your dramatic gestures
I see the moment just like a prudent empire
I see you in a land of milk, honey
And the radical emancipation.
I see a love of life and vice versa
Be my love and flutter my silent party
I wish to be your emperor, to protect you
With our spear made of mola ki ryal