Kitten's Night Thought Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


When Human Folk put out the lightA
And think they've made it dark as nightA
A Pussy Cat sees every bitB
As well as when the lights are litB
When Human Folk have gone upstairsC
And shed their skins and said their prayersC
And there is no one to annoyD
Then Pussy may her life enjoyD
No Human hands to pinch or slapE
Or rub her fur against the napE
Or throw cold water from a pailF
Or make a handle of her tailF
And so you will not think it wrongG
When she can play the whole night longG
With no one to disturb her playH
That Pussy goes to bed by dayH

Oliver Herford


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Ivy E. Allen : When I was in the 5th grade (1967), I'd take out my favorite book from the library called something like " My Poetry Book" which had this poem that was my ultimate favorite!!! I used to know it by heart, but at age 66, memories fade. I was so excited, to actually find "Kitten's Night Thought!" Some of the words seem different, but the ones I did remember, were perfect. I hope there are no other versions of it...but this is the internet! Thank you!

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