Though I laugh not the sadness of life,
For thy birth of struggle determine not.
The earth laugh at your laziness,
And drown you in ocean of hopelessness.

Truly weeping wounds, joy heals;
But all end with death handshake.
The fresh morning glow with false thinking
Has wealth, fame and reputation mourn thy grave?

Understanding leap over thy heart.
Priority for success blinds
Vanity appears and void smiles,
Full empty works stand for reward.

Lion sullen after his prey;
Blinded with dark wisdom,
Knowing his period vanish within.
Vine father sacrifice his comfort.
And right part crying for the lost;
Wishing the clouded road cleared.

The sound approaching sooner
When the realms are to be shaken,
As powers deviating from it source.
Creation rolled away like scroll,
The battle is drawn within,
Powerful voice commands each directions.
When the end is not the help to start.

Reposed moment remains within;
As books flipping to judge.
Works passing through fire like treasure in the hands of goldsmith
Agony and vicious circle alarmed in furnace of great turbulence.
Water failed while pleading for with sincere voices.
But a moment of ecstasy reigns within,
As truth speaking city descend,
Unpredictable joy disclosed,
Unpredictable laugh of creatures,
Unpredictable peace and comfort.
In a city where truth is food-
Disorder found not therein,
Purity and love shows it's brightness,
As vine father's will accomplished.