Though we think alike
but our actions are nothing alike
Today, we march in unity
then the next day we are in disparity
Our actions seems to be a production
and our production is another man's motivation

As we quickly canvass to the scope of life
Many of us hurry to live a married life
even when we forget about our past days
Today stands as a momentum of our yesterday
Stronger we may be in a uniform might
but weaker we are sleeping along the night

Our footprints is a remembrance to our generations
Because our stories need no introduction
Even when many of us dresses in disguise
I tell you, our shoes are of different sizes
The privileged among us are filled with pride
on their way down, who will be by their side

When we echo the voices of victory
We forget all the days of our penury
In like minds, we share our past
and in the zeal of unity we conquer to the last
The beauty of it is not about the scar
Neither is it when we gaze at the star

Poet Murphy cares