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A citizen of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, born on the 21st day of May,2004. I am a proud daughter of Anambra state, the Eastern region of my country. Aside my academic and career pursuit of becoming a medical practitioner, I seek to express my self through spoken word, poems and quotes. I have received several credits for writing the best essays in my highschool and I also authored an article titled "The Nigerian Dream:The Challenge of Unity" late 2020 which was published on one of the country's best news platform, Vanguard News. I aspire to do more and hope my poems bring me to the limelight like Wole Soyinka, William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, and other literary icons like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Chinua Achebe and Buchi Emecheta. ...
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Obagha Chiamaka Poems

  • War At Peace
    Did anyone cheat death on behalf of the world?
    Whites died, Blacks didn't survive either,
    The rich men abandoned their wealth,
    Unwillingly, yet not given a choice, ...
  • The Potential Of The Subconscious Mind
    I can't see it but I can hear it,
    A voice of conviction in my head,
    I can't touch it but I feel it's presence,
    I'm sure it truly exists. ...
  • Nature's Not So Good After All
    The north wind that blows like a woodwind instrument,
    Across our lips, breaking and cracking and making it bleed,
    More frequent than seldom, gravity and balance,
    Forsake us amidst the raging spins of tornadoes and hurricanes, ...
  • A Letter To Her Father
    If I called you a knuckle dragger, that'll be too extreme because I respect you,
    If I said you are a shoulder to lean on, I'll be hurting myself by the lie I uttered,
    You aren't an ignoramus, you promoted quality education,
    But what you didn't know how to do quite well, ...
  • The Worst Of Every Kind
    Every dog has it's day indeed,
    And sometimes bad luck comes our way,
    You find people running from war and suffering from starvation,
    How heartbreaking it is to discover, ...
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Obagha Chiamaka Quotes

  • The good part about being rejected even when doing the right thing is that there are only 2 possible outcomes. They'll either get used to you or you'll get used to them.
  • I've come to realize that generosity is like a reversible reaction. You get exactly what you give and you still end up giving what you get. It's a cycle that never ends.
  • The audience never really has a choice when it comes to noticing the person on the spotlight but they do have a choice whether they would listen or not. A good public speaker has the ability to make his audience notice him for a good reason so that then, they would have no other choice but to listen to what he has to say.
  • If you use an axe to hit a very strong wood once, it will never break, no matter how big the axe is. Rather the big axe will weigh you down. You have to hit it over and over.
  • If they refuse to do the right, refuse to do the wrong and if they agree to do the right, still refuse to do the wrong.
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