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Hi! I’m 13 years old, study in grade 9, one of my hobbies is writing....writing poetry, I know it’s not that great but I try. Please leave a comment about the poems and try to help me improve!...
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Noor Fatima Poems

  • Happiness
    Happiness is not what i get
    I guess the conditions aren't always met
    But is this a permanent fault
    Or is it a physical halt ...
  • Farewell
    It’s my goodbye to you
    It’s not my choice
    but it'll have to do
    You'll forever be apart of me ...
  • Real Identity
    What is wrong with your attitude
    Why are u being so freaking rude
    Are u insane psycho or just being you
    This isn’t at all what you do ...
  • Why Were You Made?
    Why were you made?
    In our brains you have laid
    The theory of matter
    The minds you have scattered ...
  • Thank You My Friend
    Today I’m gonna talk about a friend
    A friend, who has always cared for me
    It has been a very short time since I first met her
    Though it has felt like I’ve known her for ages ...
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Hear 2 Wrong 2 Destroy 1 Physical 1 Vision 1 Fake 1 Universe 1 Create 1 Invent 1 Fool 1

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qaser: Carona pa poem lekhien man

qaiser: You are so sweet

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