Nonkululeko Ngcobo Poems

  • 1.
    There are times when I've been
    put down in life
    I called upon you name ,
    prayed for the poor
  • 2.
    The kindest hearts pray for change
    God didn't answer when it was Grey
    The child inside me cried for so long
    The world was actually not against me
  • 3.
    Ngiyekeleni ngiye kumthuthuzeli wami
    Ngiyekeleni ngiye konothando lwami
    Ngivumeleni ngiye konokunginakekela
    Ngivumeleni ngiyokwembatha Isembatho sami engabelwa sona
  • 4.
    I wouldn't have been this toxic
    I wouldn't have been this cold-hearted
    I wouldn't have been this negative
    I wouldn't have been this sensitive
  • 5.
    If only I had the power
    The power to hold your breath
    I wouldn't have let it away
    I wouldn't have let you close your eyes eternally
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Heart 2 Life 2 Hold 1 Silent 1 Child 1 Change 1 Live 1 Enemy 1 Negative 1 Cold 1

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