Acid attack
(a tribute to acid attack survivor in burn center, Kirtipur hospital)
A fine morning during round I see a girl
In a red veil covering her remains, surrounded by few relatives
She watches , she puts on a mask and walk
Bowing her head, in agony
Prolonged silence dies on her lips
She uncovers the veil, manages a scream, then numb
She lightly traces her face, who has she become?
All the blemishes at the face, the fading scars on her thumb
Ponders and wails ..
She was happy she was content
She did not do anybody any harm
She was just a normal girl
With her goal her dream and ambitions
She was on the way to fulfill her ambitions
When acid hit her
May be it was for rejection may be family dispute
Whatever reason she was left mute
Begging for answer why she deserve to be hit
Left for distraught how easily offenders got off
Destroying her face integrity and pride.