You are my best friend
You belong in my heart
We go through ups and downs
but still nothing can tears us apart
I know you are a sister
and I will always care, love, respect,
and trust are the things we share

Remember when we met
When I was just a kid
And you said to me
That you were always there for me
I remember the times when you were there for me
Through my many tears, you helped me see
You stood close to me like a friend there for me

Then what happen to you suddenly
Why did you leave?
I felt like it was my fault
I miss you girl
won't you please come back
Cause you were loved
didn’t you know that?
The sound and the smell
and the bone-crushing chill
The note on the table
your hand on the ground
they haunt all my nightmares
yet save me somehow
So this I am writing to lessen the pain
and maybe just somehow you’ll hear me again

Do you know?
what it feels like to be left behind?
Losing everyone around you
in such a little time
I try not to worry
since they’re left in the past
But it’s hard going through life
knowing nothing ever lasts,

I’ve lost everyone
that meant the world to me
All I have left to them are these memories
You have no idea how badly
I want them back
The pain of losing them will never go away
I’m tired of feeling like this every day
In the time it will be for the best,

although I feel an emptiness
Knowing what I considered
worthwhile proved shallow and unreal
I’ve learned sometimes
emotions seem clearer than perception
And eventually can lead to a heartbreaking revelation
That someone cherished
proves that their friendship Was in fact deception

I can and will move on
but I won’t forget
I was forgotten and believed a lie
Not a lie out of the mouth but the heart
That piece of friendship is now torn apart
I won't be sorry for the encouragement and love I shared
Because I know what I offered was real

Some people say it's going to be all right
I pray for you every single night
Hoping that you’ll come back to me
But it’s impossible don’t you see
I know you’ll be with me until I die
Then we’ll be reunited up in the sky