A simple, cheerful, active life on earth,
A cup I-d not exchange for monarch-s chalice,
In noble forebears- tracks a path since birth,
With equal dignity in hut and palace,
With eye as when created heav-nward turned,
All beauty here and grandness keenly knowing,
Familiar though with those things deeply yearned,
Stilled only by eternity-s bright glowing.

I wished for all my line just such a life,
And zealously I planned for its fruition,
And when my soul grew tired from toil and strife,
The -Lord-s Prayer- was its rest and its nutrition.
Then from truth-s spirit I great comfort gained,
And felt joy hover o-er each garden border,
When dust is placed in its creator-s hand
And all is waited for in nature-s order:

Just fresh, green buds that sprout in early spring,
And in the summer heat the flowers- profusion;
And when the plants mature and long to bring
Their harvest fruit to autumn-s full conclusion!
The human span assigned is short or long,
It is for common weal, its yield is growing;
The day that started well will end as strong,
And just as sweet will be its afterglowing.