They invaded our land
took away our wealth not leaving our identity
Cannibals! caught our able men, mutilated and enslaved them
Fathers and brothers chained like dogs and caged

Fondled the virgin nipples
Licked the fresh lips of our maidens
Raped and inflicted them
Little black children snatched from their helpless mothers and molested under White's atrocity

Chiefs and other powerful rulers rendered weak under White's supremacy
The starved vampires bit and sucked the blood of Africa people
With inhumanity butchered our wise men and spilt their blood on the faces of the land and left tears of blood to flow from our weak eye balls

They banished the movement of our ancestors and held them in captivity
Our forefathers died for freedom yet
They are weeping and crying out loud beyond their graves
Black Africa has not resisted slavery

Their system of education is miseducation for it has robbed and wiped away our beautiful culture out of us
Their constitution, human rights and foreign aid are embodiment of thefts, brutalization, land invasion,colonialism and barbarism

Children of Africa have been imprisoned in the culture and life style of their historical enemies and have betrayed the loyalty of our ancestors

People of Africa! Why still use your strength and wisdom for the enrichment of a selfish land in the name of hospitality? Why betray the blood that poured from the white palm of the anthrophagus just for self happiness? Why bury mother Africa alive? her heart is broken beyond repair
For when destruction reach her it reaches her children

Children of Africa! listen to the voice of our mother in the wings of the wind weeping and yelling warnings to her son's and daughters, shouting thunderously that the white folk is not our friend, and will never be
Let us turn to our mother, without causing her extinction
Let us allow memories to bring back memories of those we lost due to the fatality from the white ones
A people who do not know their historical enemies are bound for extinction
Children of Africa arise for freedom