On a sapphire throne,appeared is a gleaming bronze
Of fire portraying colourful colours of a bow
This is the glory of our king

In the heavens he resides
bending a silvered shiny face from time to time
In view of the dwelling place of men
To boast of the righteousness of the righteous servants
In this abides the aesthetic pride of his

This time no!
Son's penetrating through daughters of the Lord's own people
Bringing forth incestuously conceived young ones

Defiled men
Spilling blood on the surfaces of the earth
The plants smiles no more
Then beauty fades

wickedness scarefully scared the scariest Creator
Tormenting his environment
By bringing him face to face with disappointments

Subversiveness grieved his bleeding heart to sabotage by inundate torrent

This is the case of God

His blood filled eyes
Spots a faithful old lad
Burning sweet gifts on the holiest of altars through to the heavenly places
Comforting God's own heart to an everlasting covenant

With the bow as the creed
I weep not
Never will man be destroyed by flood

This calls for celebrations for it remains the symbol of Victory
The bow! Yes the bow!
An everlasting covenant