The day I met a question in front of me
Transformed everything in my life
The ink of ecstasy got spilled
And was refilled with tear drops.
Clouds of loneliness covered me
It poured drops of depression over me
Reason to smile was flooded
It made my heart as heavy as rock.
I don't have a reason to cry
As my life was written with thorns of tears
Loneliness promised me that
It will be there always with me when no one is there.
I pleaded the god to rejuvenate me
But he said 'no' to me
I lost the grip from my hand
When I realized nothing can be done.
I hadn't revealed the bud of my loneliness
Because it hurts my beloved ones
It made a enigma in my mind
Thinking who the real me is.
The world is full of excrescence
Where a little dried flower struggles for conation.
The days of exhilaration fades
As the darkness of loneliness pursues...