Each time you go out in the cloudy sky
Remember the blind never see what you see
It's selfish to over little problems cry
Be grateful that you can see nature's beauty

Each time you hear the hoot of a humming train
Remember the deaf will never hear its sound
Or the noises and voices of natures waiving around
They continue life , never a complain

Each time you raise your voice and talk
Remember the dumb longs to utter their words
A minute, even if it comes as a shock
Murmur not about anything, be grateful to the Lord !

Each time you raise your legs and walk
Remember those who maneuver theirs with pain
Needless to talk those who strain to crawl
They suck up the pain and accepted faith

While we complain, not thankful for been alive
The sick lay in bed , Good health they dream
Forgo the needles,its feeling like thousand stabbing knives
Away with drugs, a day without pain ,their sole wish
Yet they remain in bed, uncontrolled pain they feel

Still we gripe, why wail you man of health ?