Your Guess Is As Good As Mine Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


It was on the other side of the borderA
We were content and did not botherA
Plants blooming and rivers streamingB
In a glimpse Mzantsi was no longer beamingB
In a tick I heard the nation screamingB
The angry giant invaded my houseC
The hungry lion broke looseD
It roared and trampled all to fallE
At eventide the king of the jungle made a callE
Summoned the whole family to rejoinderA
Urged all to wrestle with the life enderA
For its still young days we should not surrenderA
It was for human blood not a certain genderA
Our mornach furthermore inaugurated lockdownF
No trace of humans on streets only birds singingB
You could hear dust particles exhalingB
And the trees crooningB
Bolted indoors struggling with breakdownF
Most operations shuttered downF
With everyone home differences escalatedG
GBV began strickeng arduouslyE
Future filled with uncertaintiesH
Kids no longer gravitating towards the keyB
Master locks on doors of industriesH
Economy declined hurriedly we lost banknotesI
The world turned and no longer felt like homeJ
The beast did no submit nor wave the white flagB
It's eager knew no end it striked mercilesslyB
South Africa went on knees edjured it to let goB
We wore masks and hided our smilesK
We stayed miles away from each otherA
Submerged our hands and sanitizedL
It wreaked a havoc anywaysM
It gobbled our families anyhowN
We have lost an abundanceO
Not only the break we brokeB

Musa Maliwa
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 10/18/2021


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