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Muhammad Iqbal (Urdu: محمد اقبال; 9 November 1877 – 21 April 1938) was a South Asian Muslim writer and is the National Poet of Pakistan. Iqbal was a philosopher, and politician, whose poetry in the Urdu language is considered among the greatest of the twentieth century, and whose vision of a cultural and political ideal for the Muslims of British-ruled India was to animate the impulse for Pakistan. He is commonly referred to by the honorific Allama (from Persian: علامہ, romanized: ʿallāma, lit. 'very knowing, most learned').Born and raised in Sialkot, Punjab in an ethnic Kashmiri Muslim family, Iqbal completed his B.A. and M.A. at the Government College Lahore. He taught Arabic at the Oriental College, Lahore from 1899 until 1903. During this time, he wrote prolifica...
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Joinpakmcqs: first chairman joint chiefs of staff committee (cjcsc) of pakistan army was ? - a. general muhammad shariff b. general rahimuddin khan c. admiral mohammad sharif d. general iqbal khan submitted by: mansoor ul haque
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Azbthe: muhammad iqbal memon presiding over the annual general body meeting of arts council of pakistan karachi.
Bonedi_: having a cup of sange coffee with my nephew (?) muhammad iqbal as-sabang
Saadaftab8: muhammad iqbal was such a genius..
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