It all began in 2013 as a *team*
With *No more dream*

2014 they struck the right *cue*
With *I need you*

2015 was *fun*
With their new single *run*

2016 they went over the *wire* with *fire*
Bury all your *fears*
Listen to their popular *blood, sweat &tears*

2017 saw them become a sensation in *k -pop*
With *mic drop*

Fake love and DNA topped the *charts*
As it the hit the right *darts*

Sitting *idle*
Listen to their top notch *Idol*

The symbol of peace is *dove*
2019 came up with *boy with luv*

Whenever facing the *heat*
To cool urself listen to *heartbeat*

They reached a new *height*
With *make it right*

Tension is gone when u listen to *on*

*Black Swan* *my time* are some more to *name*
They deserve this *fame*

Starting from a small beginning in *Korea*
There are cause of their army's *Euphoria*