Dreadful night has been tightly embracing me
But the wind suddenly whisper this sleepy heart of me
As I awake, I'm falling into the pit I'm digging miles away
Hoping and pleading that dream wasn't brought into reality

This freaky feelngs diligently stand and portray
clinging to the fact false that there is possibility
but the raging hoax urgently consume its prey
devouring, destroying directly without delay

O Failure dissolve me for I am drowning in grief and agony
Lament dont take it last for I have never regret this task
But my heart holding still that there might be one day
That hope and chance will visit me though it will not last

Until when you O grievous pain will live and reign
"Dug-dug" my weary heart is now slowly broken
chances is fading like sunset as night gives way to morning
But my heart and mind persistently wanting and waiting