Our End Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis

Rhyme Scheme: A BC DC EF GH I JK L MN M OPQ

Hot streaks of white rolls down my cheekA
As he holds me ever so close to his heartB
The beat of it is like a sweet lullaby reminding me how much he loves meC
I close my eyes and let the drum of himD
Take me back to the past to the orange sky afternoons where our laughter reached past the stars all the way to the next galaxyC
The soft kisses that graced my cheek made my lips curl at the edges into the goofiest smileE
The darkness in your bedroom surrounds us as I continue to cry Mourning the love that once wasF
I grip your shirt in anger I m angry that we can t go back and I m angry that I love you this muchG
Close your eyes you tell me and my mind takes me back yet againH
To the warm and cozy mornings where I lay wake in your arms the safest place in the world I m sureI
We stare into each other s eyes in silence like we re speaking without wordsJ
You re beautiful we re beautiful Can it get any better than thisK
I open my eyes as I realize I m back in our cold reality where my mind is in scattered pieces and the cozy mornings are now dark distant nightsL
I love you yet I know it s coming to an endM
I cry as you wipe my tears away and say goodbye saying goodbye to me to you to usN
I weep I weep for you me us and I close my eyes as the hot streaks of white stain my cheeks yet again because this is the endM
At least it was fun it was beautiful we were beautiful I smile because I know thatO
I know it sP
Our beautiful endingQ

Morgan Mccane
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 06/07/2019


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