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JMunozActor: This Brokeback Mountain discourse is yet another pathetic way for folks to hate. As the great Morgan Freeman already made clear: “I hate the word homophobia. It's not a phobia. You are not scared. You are an asshole.”-Morgan Freeman

Money24105340: Morgan Freeman declares himself the new Adam

QuotesSupermega: Is Morgan Freeman black?

everyoneisabot1: "It isn't what happens to us that causes us to suffer; it's what we say to ourselves about what happens." - Morgan Freeman, The Sound of Music (1965)

Money24105340: Morgan Freeman declares himself the new David

CoachDrewTate: Morgan Freeman x Tom Brady x Under Armour | The Athlete No One Saw Coming

AbeytaEmilia: The Power of Miracles (Full Episode) | The Story of God with Morgan Freeman

_ere4545_d: Kenley facing Dodgers in postseason will be Morgan Freeman narrating all the saddest parts of Shawshank Redemption.

scriptdave: Rewatching Se7en and amazed at the huge glass of red wine Brad Pitt pours Morgan Freeman.

whotfismiebi: I read Morgan freeman's tweets in his voice

cuntymeme: im sorry but imma have to hold “lean on me” against Morgan freeman when he die cus wtf is this sir

FixxTheDJango: What does Morgan Freeman look like when he was young?

LALALandTalk: Alfonzo Freeman on meeting his Father, Morgan.

Money24105340: Morgan Freeman declares himself the new Jesus

hewhois_4: Niggas said Morgan Freeman is 2 years older than water

FunnyWilfred: James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman tickling eachother would be the greatest sound in the world.

movieplotz: A documentary about hyena poachers in America. Narrated by Morgan Freeman. Directed by Micheal Bay.

newguyreview101: It has been 25 years since Morgan Freeman first played Alex Cross in Kiss the Girls

666chizo: just little old me falling in love with every taller man that looks like morgan freeman

FreedomNthe_USA: Morgan Freeman's Voice... ...I'm not sure what happened here, but, I'd like to think he fought the good fight

tobi__oj: Julie Andrews, Morgan Freeman and David Attenborough need to live forever

trevorbmbagency: Morgan Freeman: ‘..It was his idea.’

Random_CAH: Having problems with An octopus giving seven handjobs and smoking a cigarette ? Try Morgan Freeman's voice !

lu9bot: Super Morgan Freeman Grass

WooziiLV: Bruh Morgan Freeman getting to the age where any news i see him in makes my heart stop for a second

readilyinhuman: I don’t think it’s Morgan Freeman up there or anything but it all can't be random chaos.

Nittistitties: Morgan Freeman narrating Savage Mode 2 made it way btr

MichaelA_Kellar: Narrator <Morgan Freeman>: 'It was not the failure of the Administration. It was a failure of the Press who ignored the COVID story while giving 24/7 coverage to the death of a British Royal...'

dramaandme: Bruh this is Morgan Freeman tweeting about 21 Savage! What a time to be alive

Gr8_DiamondKing: Morgan Freeman has One Hand???

Gr8_DiamondKing: Morgan Freeman can’t use his right hand??? Never knew that

RottenBOTTomato: Morgan Freeman as Mia Wallace starring in Jaws

CasaPapiCapo: 21 and Metro Don’t Miss and Morgan Freeman Narrated it

cool_siddharth_: Learning how to be still to really be still and let life happen - that stillness becomes a radiance.~Morgan Freeman GLORIOUS 1YR OF BBKING PRATIK

SculptKid: While Teagan watches her morning Blippi episodes I’ve been practicing some value studies, loose portrait drawings, caricature, and tracing facial features / major shapes. Lots of fun. Morgan Freeman’s face has tons of cool shapes. Wanna revisit and do a proper study too

RottenBOTTomato: Morgan Freeman as Tyler Durden starring in Inception

soldado_029: Morgan Freeman...

shalsabils: I'm just one deadly sin away from Morgan Freeman finding my head in a box in the desert.

amoviepitchbot: Morgan Freeman is a journalist in this heart warming Guillermo del Toro horror set in Las Vegas

CartuneNetwerk: Knowing a couple of voiceovers Morgan Freeman turned down including a Seth Rogan movie while agreeing to do Savage Mode 2 makes me respect the hell out of him

Gamefulnesss: Bouncer: "hold on mate- Your shoes are too casual" Inner Morgan Freeman: "seriously, how often do you really look at a man's shoes?"

blueprintafric: A short film named Ogun la- War Is Coming, produced by the Kaduna-based production firm The Critics in collaboration with The Revelation by Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary, will be released.

JamaicaPHUNK: When you already have a deep voice and you wake up and sound like Morgan Freeman <

HorrorCarnival: Seven (1995), directed by David Fincher, starring Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Two detectives, a rookie and a veteran, hunt a serial killer who uses the seven deadly sins as his motives.

RottenBOTTomato: Morgan Freeman as Marge Gunderson starring in Guardians of the Galaxy

woodward_curtis: Morgan Freeman: And they lost.

4onerd: 3-Morgan Freeman

QuotesOfFreeman: 'I don't talk often, but when I do it's always about large Morgan Freeman' - Gordon Freeman, Half-Life 2 (2004)

Hopeance_: We dont appreciate bale’s hair enough also morgan freeman as lucius is top tier casting

michelletarvin3: Morgan Freeman x Tom Brady x Under Armour | The Athlete No One Saw Coming

DEADLINE: The franchise involves thieving illusionists known as the Four Horseman, the first two movies combined making $686.5M. The previous films starred Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, and Morgan Freeman, among others

MenacingMecha: the first time i watched shawshank redemption i got it confused with brokeback mountain, so i was watching the whole thing thinking him and morgan freeman were gonna run off together at the end

MondongoFacts: Morgan Freeman is a trained ballet dancer.

LigmaBot: breaking news i just heard that Morgan Freeman caught knowma? lol knowma eyeball LOL

MaMo1611: "We can never expect to know the mind of God, but we can work to get closer to it." Morgan Freeman

BadboyvsGoodman: Man Morgan Freeman Gotta Be 3 Years Older Than Water.

PyramidHeadLove: greatest mistake of my career is that i didn’t immediately start a running tally of how many kids ask me if I’m related to morgan freeman

EconomicTimes: The previous films featured Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco and Morgan Freeman.

KECallawayBot: Thank you VoyageLA for chatting with me about the Morgan Freeman news:

FNFunkinBot: Mod Idea: Friday Night Funkin’ VS Morgan Freeman

thecritics001: Frames from our new Short film.

GeorgeM42049508: Morgan Freeman Speaks his mind and suprized the host with his comment.

newsomenuggets: Morgan Freeman was quoted saying ”We end racism when we stop discussing it.” It’s important to remember how powerful words are! Words, thoughts and beliefs shape our daily existence. This man Rob Wallace has changed my life so dramatically!

dinepilanica: Morgan Freeman is so class

Mason_Flannery: This dude is definitely in Mexico about to meet up with Morgan Freeman

AnaphoricInfo: Morgan Freeman had the frustrating time for Philadelphia for two weeks from today. They threatened Madonna to control the bread. It was sad.

mickski10: “BLACK History Month Is RIDICULOUS” - Morgan Freeman

Anamari26469532: 5 Minutes Ago / Died in the Hospital / Goodbye Morgan Freeman.

MadMart05: Kamal na should become the morgan freeman of Tamil cinema wrt voice over narration. Ganeernu iruku

spotrader: “So I just keep buying every month. This is the way” Morgan Freeman voice: This wasn’t the way

orangecomma: Morgan Freeman would like you to know that he's prepared one for Halloween.

JeanGen09181213: Morgan Freeman Narration Voice: "She does, in fact, care very much about what a bunch of 'losers' say about her online."

corey_vaughan: Picked two podcasts without any thought today and both brought up Morgan Freeman drinking beer on the roof in Shawshank Redemption and you're telling me there is no God?

ShadowFoxMT: Me yesterday: “A truckstop near central Chicago with a lot of parking slots available? This seems too good to be true!” Morgan Freeman: “It was.”

MssLingz: My cousin asking me if Morgan Freeman is the real god. And because I like to spread misinformation, i said yes

GinaLawriw: Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary to Produce ‘War Is Coming’ Short From Nigerian Filmmaking Group The Critics Company (EXCLUSIVE)

BILLY_DEEPER: Morgan Freeman voice over: It wouldn't be her last month eating takeaways

donna_burtch: Excited to learn that Kevin Costner/Morgan Freeman and others are going to bring The Gray House into a six series piece. It will focus on women (unsung) who help turn the Civil War for the Union.

Money24105340: Morgan Freeman declares himself the new Jesus

noz4a2: Kevin Costner & Morgan Freeman Team To Produce Civil War Spy Series ‘The Gray House’ For Paramount

Upcoming_Action: Coming soon: Morgan Freeman accepts the role of Lee Carlisle, a bed designer with no place in the world, derailed by destruction in Wes Anderson's 'Terminal New Land: Part 3' CRIMINAL WOWS!!!

Bloops_: I saw Morgan Freeman two feet in front of me when I was 13. It was at Madame Tussauds.

RottenBOTTomato: Morgan Freeman as Harry Potter starring in Guardians of the Galaxy

Rizvanadeniyi: Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman War! I’m the most excited human on this planet RN

Rizvanadeniyi: Morgan Freeman X The Critics Company

Variety: Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary to Produce ‘War Is Coming’ Short From Nigerian Filmmaking Group The Critics Company (EXCLUSIVE)

franklinleonard: Well...

jeguru1: Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman to Produce Civil War Spy Series

ATGBrokers: Whatsup about... (Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman to Produce Civil War Spy Serieson 28. September 2022 at 20:05) has been published on Jameslion -

Collider: Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman are teaming up to produce a civil war spy series.

doughjoe_: Morgan Freeman two years older than water

AceBoyPun: AceBoyz Realize Morgan Freeman Only Has One Hand

RottenBOTTomato: Morgan Freeman as Yoda starring in Rocky

AnaphoricInfo: Zeus made an horrifying ordeal at Disney World at 1990. They had gotten Morgan Freeman to destroy the 1960's. It was revolting.

TristanJMiller1: Morgan Freeman heals the elevator for me once

FrackoffF: Kevin Costner & Morgan Freeman Producing ‘The Gray House’ TV Series – Deadline

BobbiDid: Finally a picture of Morgan freeman when he was actually young

AnaphoricInfo: The Jedi killed an endearing deal by Safeway at January 25, 2002. They committed Morgan Freeman to guard the droid attack on the Wookiees. It was good.

Krazy_Boy_Fredo: Morgan Freeman: But so far, no angels have gotten wings

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