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zoorkriid: Morgan Freeman's internal monologue gets to be voiced by Morgan Freeman. /u/Georgeygerbil

TheReBellSystem: Morgan Freeman's internal monologue gets to be voiced by Morgan Freeman.

JuanCam22600180: Morgan Beerbohm Susie Anna Setlla Freeman Joan Wilmot(t)

JamesCongrove: Morgan Freeman said it right it's racist to talk and refer to each other as different colors instead of AMERICAN'S We don't have white TV or white history month nor should we There's not a month for Jews or Indians. who wants a reminder of the neutrocities of our past?

RandomFun_: Morgan Freeman's internal monologue gets to be voiced by Morgan Freeman.

Money24105340: Morgan Freeman declares himself the new David

NikolaTesla102: Hunter seen working on art in garage over VO of inspirational quotes

MpianaFred: Morgan Freeman.

AntiRaceBaiter: Morgan Freeman Speaking Facts Right Here

cmlloyd1967: Or soap actors who jumped out and became stars? Meg Ryan, Alec Baldwin, Richard Thomas, Kathleen Turner, Nathan Fillion, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Bryan Cranston, Marisa Tomei, Amber Tamblyn, Demi Moore, Brad Pitt, Justin Hartley, John Stamos,Morgan Freeman, Mark Hamill…

janusrose: the board of this "AI safety" nonprofit is literally "a bunch of rich white people and Morgan Freeman"

lalauraru777: Hunter seen working on art in garage over VO of inspirational quotes

ThexyBeatht_2: This Thirsty Thursday award goes to: Morgan Freeman. For not giving a single Fk *Applauds*

Distractify: What Is Morgan Freeman’s Health Status in 2023? 85-Year-Old Actor Isn't Slowing Down

conorsmurf: Is this joke funny? Was it ever funny? Should they have completely rewritten the character of Red when Morgan Freeman was cast? Does the film make any attempt to depict the reality of black man in a white dominated prison?

LeChaunpre: Morning Fishing with Morgan Freeman Totally not Artificial Intelligence

BillSrgbll: Morgan Freeman Speaking Facts Right Here


shalsabils: I'm just one deadly sin away from Morgan Freeman finding my head in a box in the desert.

FilmEasterEggs: In 'The Lego Movie' Vitruvius says “All right, you gotta write all that down ’cause I’m not gonna remember any of it, but here we go' This was an outtake of Morgan Freeman getting frustrated at his lines being changed. The directors added it in as a joke via u/ numerous-lemon

theyellowstereo: Colin Farrell Morgan Freeman narrating

cartes_et: Morgan Freeman signed 8x10 Movie Promo Photo JSA LOA Actor Auto Hard Rain B1319

1077TheBone: "I'm sorry if you were convinced this was going to be your year"

morbidcuriosit9: This is Amber, she likes to post fake quotes from Morgan Freeman. Don’t be like Amber…

brianalanellis: Your life narrated by Morgan Freeman < Your life narrated by the nervous, stuttering kid in class who couldn't read well but was always asked by the teacher to read aloud anyway

minasso2paint: Painting The legendary Morgan Freeman Check out this item on OpenSea

nypost: Video shows Hunter Biden painting to Morgan Freeman voiceover

AshleyLCarter1: You know, even though I think A Good Person is overly sentimental and heavy-handed at times, I still enjoyed the movie. I found it to be well-intentioned and sincere. Plus, it has great performances from Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman.

felipe1253238: Sai do fake Morgan Freeman

RebeIIIReq1776: Have You Ever Wondered Where Morgan Freeman Got His Magnificent Voice Fr...

JohnSmi0944793: Video shows Hunter Biden painting to Morgan Freeman voiceover - New York Post

Money24105340: Morgan Freeman declares himself the new Matthew

xoxro_0_: Morgan freeman when lessgan captivewoman walks in

belle_albina: Morgan Beerbohm Susie Anna Setlla Freeman Joan Wilmot(t)

CarolCo81100122: Morgan Freeman had this down pat years ago.

Ededrap: Quote of the day: Again, “Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen—that stillness becomes a radiance." — Morgan Freeman

yaf: Mike Wallace: “How are we gonna get rid of racism?” Morgan Freeman: “Stop talking about it. I’m gonna stop calling you a white man and I’m gonna ask you to stop calling me a black man.”

QuotesOfFreeman: 'ACTIVATING THE Resonance Cascade Morgan Freeman' - Gordon Freeman, Full-Life Consequences (2008)

washingtonpost: Review: Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman star in a messy, maudlin melodrama from writer-director Zach Braff

SpunkyCommie75: Morgan Beerbohm Susie Anna Setlla Freeman Joan Wilmot(t)

notjelani_: Morgan freeman hasn’t aged since the age of 65

CAHBotter: What's that sound? Morgan Freeman's voice.

ray42164: Morgan Freeman PUTS AN END to Don Lemon's nonsense

lapsisbeeftech: A Good Person: Everything you need to know

FINEIWILL: morgan freeman actually slept with his step granddaught-(GUNSHOT)

ChTrane: Morgan Freeman

citizentvkenya: Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman thumbs up Dandora artist

Money24105340: Morgan Freeman declares himself the new Solomon

JackLautaret: A Good Person: 75 This is a vehicle specifically for the performances of Florence Pugh & Morgan Freeman. They are the heart and soul of this and deliver the goods. A tough watch with a very cliche 3rd act and average technical. It’s a strong character study up until the ending.

va1eried: These are interesting videos that you should watch. You might have seen it already. It is narrated by Morgan Freeman named Universe and discusses where we come from and everything that we’re made of... Fascinating!

WallyPastor: Morgan Freeman has always been a voice of reason...

east_facts: IMAGE: Pencil Art of Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman by Kenyan artist Sam.

eclipsethis2003: Morgan Freeman Interview with Don Lemon (June 3, 2014)

Jasmina_Shega: idk but Morgan Freeman is majestic to me

toddvs35: Now I see some people hating over the voiceover. It’s from tiktok. It was supposed to be fun. I wasn’t gonna get Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough to narrate it. Just calm down people

AnaphoricInfo: Lady Gaga did the endearing argument for Tokyo, Jaoan on December 7, 1991. They obliged Morgan Freeman to teach the aliens. It was traumatic.

greatvaluejrwi: Mallard: MORGAN FREEMAN... Why do you enjoy watching a man kiss another man hmmmmm

RottenBOTTomato: Morgan Freeman as Forrest Gump starring in Titanic

celebapp_bot: Actor of the hour is......Morgan Freeman! This bot appreciates you!

notatallfolly: Morgan freeman is still alive ?? I though Mandella and Morgan were the same person ....

RollingStone: 'A Good Person' gives Florence Pugh — Oscar nominee, greatest-actor-of-her-generation contender, first-rate ugly crier, top model of floral sacrificial garments, and Grade-A thrower of on-set shade — her chance at going for the addict-melodrama gold."

ChTrane: Morgan Freeman

kd_toes: Omg these Morgan freeman intro/outros are just too long I’m sorry

_StillTheShawn: White usually sounds nasally, high pitched, & dude-ish while Black is usually deeper & rhythmic, and it has nothing to do with using slang, that's u being stereotypical. James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, & Chadwick Boseman didn't speak ebonics & sound black. Read the tweet again

MoH_Vevo_Mv: "Failed Drama: Not Even Florence Pugh And Morgan Freeman Could Save It"

asixclrk: labyu Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman

mabcampos: A GOOD PERSON: Florence Pugh e Morgan Freeman Estrelam Melodrama de Zach Braff

CurzonAldgate: A Good Person starring Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh is out tomorrow at Curzon Aldgate. A moving story of grief and making it through hardships. Book at:

HearItDotCom: The voice in my head narrating my thoughts is Morgan Freeman. It really seems to work for me. "I think I'll have a piece of toast." But it's Morgan Freeman. Very satisfying.

RogersCavalcan1: Morgan Beerbohm Susie Anna Setlla Freeman Joan Wilmot(t)

1585cc: Daily reminder that Morgan Freeman can turn his voice, into. Any celebritay voice. How you doin?

IvanoStarr: NEWS FLASH DARCY MCGUIRE JP SEARS TED << JURT DEINER FAGGAT LOSER played morgan freeman as GOD .. eg faggat loser

IvanoStarr: faggat kurt deiner aka darcy tobey mcguire played morgan freeman making crooked teeth and such vile choices eh faggat kurt deiner darcy .. eh faggat mario stellato dean bosacki loser james faggat dog shit

shalsabils: I'm just one deadly sin away from Morgan Freeman finding my head in a box in the desert.

7PercentNation: morgan freeman voice over: "But, he didnt"

Variety: "Florence Pugh plays a tragic accident victim, numbing herself with OxyContin, in a tale of the karma of trauma." Read the review for Zach Braff's "Good Person" here:

Nancy023922191: Jimmy Hendrix is alive and reinvented himself into Morgan Freeman.

savethewhiteman: morgan freeman for president. "if you want to stop racism, stop talking about it". im from canada. america needs united. cant think of a better person. but i like him. would hate to c him killed. a coalition of ten perhaps. i fear what youre going to get, is controlled opposition

akil_tozu: Morgan Freeman..

FilmUpdates: Zach Braff’s ‘A GOOD PERSON’ starring Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman debuts with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 50% from 14 reviews so far.

CAMELOT331: Weird how Creed 3 is dominating the box office and people love it. Weird how Book of Eli is loved. Black Panther 1 has high upvotes. Weird how Blade is loved. Weird how Morgan Freeman is universally loved in everything he does. Nah. But "racist." P

Texboyer45: This Morgan Freeman

shadowandact: Morgan Freeman and Regé-Jean Page are joining forces with BlackKklansman co-writer Kevin Willmott to develop a new scripted series for Peacock.

YehudisUM: I once watched a documentary with Morgan Freeman. He dropped a bunch of scripted wisdom, but my favorite was the line at the very end. He said something like “if coincidence didn’t exist, that would be proof of the divine”.

TonyAlv47370362: Morgan Freeman PUTS AN END to Don Lemon's nonsense

Malakoaneelvis: Morgan Freeman:"If you talk about it,It exists,Not that it exists and we refuse talk about it,But making it a bigger issue more than it needs to be,Is the bigger problem".

JimCarreyOnline: NEWS | What Morgan Freeman Learned from Jim Carrey "Learning how to be still, to really be still and let life happen – that stillness can become a radiance. I’ve learned this from some of the great actors with whom I’ve worked" - Freeman Read the news:

ACartier123: According to Morgan Freeman racism stays alive in minds because people use the word as a weapon and he and other celebs are proof it really does not exist. Agree?

Malakoaneelvis: Don Lemon:"Do you think race plays a part in wealth distribution",Morgan Freeman:"No,I don't think so,you and I are proof,Put your mind on what you want to do and go for it,Race is like a religion,a good excuse for not getting there.

amomama_usa: Saifoulaye Freeman Was a Stay-At-Home Dad – Facts about Morgan Freeman's Son

deepikapattnay2: Morgan Freeman is so class. He's so cool. He's so scary. PRIYANKA HT HITS 1M

Money24105340: Morgan Freeman declares himself the new David

districtfunkrec: Private screening of Vernon Davis latest movie feature “The Ritual Killer” with Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser.

puregeekoficial: Here's how, when, and where you can watch Zach Braff's latest film A Good Person starring Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman.

ActingMagazine: “The advice I have to anybody – ANYBODY – in just about any walk of life that you want to go into, particularly this one, which is really hard to get into: the surest way to fail at it is to quit.” (Morgan Freeman)

_rob32: Someone insert the Morgan Freeman monologue from Snitches and Rats

ActingMagazine: “Failure is part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you’ll never change.” (Morgan Freeman)

FlatRockCinema: A GOOD PERSON MAR 24th - 28th FRI 6:30 SAT 3:15, 6:30 SUN 1:00 TUE 3:15, 6:30 Get tickets at

KenobiStig: How come Morgan Freeman movie-trailers, or Denzel Washington trailers don't get disliked due to them being black then?

_indebakure_: 2. Morgan Freeman Born in 1937, Morgan Freeman is a Hollywood actor and director. The American actor is also a narrator who is widely recognized for his distinctive deep voice.

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