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MolièrePortrait of Molière by Pierre Mignard (c. 1658)BornJean-Baptiste Poquelin
before 15 January 1622
Paris, Kingdom of France
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  • Aguedita68: france marks 400 years of moliere, master of stage and satire
  • Newsaxes: celebrating moliere’s enduring legacy, 400 years on
  • Delafina777: 1) don’t use this as an excuse for islamophobia. 2) don’t use this as an excuse to be anti-immigrant. 3) don’t alllivesmatter this. it’s not an attack on “all religious people.” it’s an attack on jews. center the victims.
  • Stephaniebusari: one of the best parts of my french degree was discovering the works of molière, the master satirist. i miss reading classic french literature and should do it more.
  • Worstall: questions in the telegraph we can answer: no "france celebrates 400 years of molière - but is he as good as shakespeare?" 'ee's foreign, inn'e?
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