Are you to be blame?for we have done no wrong,for all our achievement,our success story,truthful telling,Godly living.
Oh death what is this you have for us?is this not vanity,nothing worst than calamity.
Oh vanity,oh death,oh death,oh vanity, is that what you have for us,despite the struggleness we go through,the thick slavery we undergo before freedom, now independent, to live a life free from agony, bondage, to us you now bring gift,a gift or a letter, a letter to bring our achievement to an end, a letter to be remembered by life.
is it a letter or reward, is it the reward of our faithfulness,or for our sincerity,or what have we done wrong, just tell me.
oh just tell me,will i be able to ask when you give me the gift?, will you reply me when i go through the letter?