There is a point in your ones life
The man fill so incomplete, lonely
Cos ,there is a part of him missing.
No matter what it achieve
No matter how it try to make itself comfortable
No matter the accomplishments.
Something, but yet nothing.

It can't just explain why, it try to be
It travel, it goes out for leisure,
Miss up with friends, go to party , all to fill this empty space.

But none could satisfy this hunger,
None could fill the space
Oh!!!! Confounded
Full, yet hungry.

This hunger, is nothing
Yet , the absence of....
The missing rib

When it found ..
The missing rib,
It don't mind to give all its accomplishment, time, money
To have it fix to him
Cos, that missing rib
Is part of him
That missing rib
Complete him
OH!!! How I love my missing rib
I I feel overwhelmed, with you by my side
My life is empty and lonely without you.
You have come to perfect my imperfection
You have come to strengthen me when am weak
You have come to give me all the support I will ever need in life

I don't mind all these..
But to have you always by my side
Your presence make me whole
Your love , so so overwhelming
What a life so empty without you

With you by my side I can climb the highest mountain.
With you my love, my precious jewel
I can sure make it
With you, your warmth, every cold is wiped away
With you, all the sickness is gone

I just want to fix my gaze upon you.
Morning, noon and night
I just want to hold onto you
Always by my side

Oh!!!! I love your whisper of love song to my ear.

Love song of encouragement,
Love song of victory , love song of an overcomer ,
that flood my soul as I sit and listen to your word.

No man can be complete without a woman
No man can be complete without the spirit of God

Your missing rib is that rib of yours in a woman , you must find to fill your life back

Your missing rib is the Holy Spirit, your comforter, helper, lover, teacher, covering, you must need as you journey in life.

No matter your accomplishment, trips , position, you can never be complete without Him .
Without a solid relationship, intimacy, intercourse with Him through your spirit and soul in love with Him.

You will just see yourself not happy, fulfilled, why ? because fulfilment in life is only through Him.
Joy, peace and through meaning in life is in Him.
This Holy Spirit is the same Spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

He loves you more than you can ever imagine.
He constantly beckon on you to come to Him
For a sweet love relationship with Him
Where He can share with you, like a man, all He has ,
Where you can truly become part of Him
Where you too can partner together like husband and wife
He want to keep you warm in the time of your cold

He want to share with you , your joy, pain, struggles as you allow Him to journey with you.

Oh!! If only you can understand the love of His as He whisper to you daily to come ...........

He is interested in you than you.
Come, He says my love .
Come back to me..
We are met to be, I in you and you in me
Together we will make your world
Together we will win
Together we will run
Together we will win
I want you always by me John 15

Hope you are blessed by this few writing of mine.
Have a beautiful and fulfilling day.
God love you more than you......

Written and composed:
Mercy Misokpunwu.