Duet sing their favourite song in soft and tender voice.
Embrace each other in presence of their own fragrance.
Convey affection by producing their faint breeze.
Locking their lips together using tasting buds they relish.

No blame, no shame in between!! even in absence of clothes.
Pairs of hands roam with dancing fingers in amazing organs.
The depth enlightens couple a special flair.
Bonding makes so strong with full of hope and desire.
Even miserable state turns into love and admire.

No matter how hot is summer, neither rainy nor autumn.
It is performed, in all four seasons.
Winter is the season, to share warmth to feel awesome.
Enthusiasm cannot be compared, pleasure is the height of all,
Together ready, no fear! no regret!! for deepest pleasure.

Secure by tightening each other, producing warm breath with sweet ambience together.
Such state is the immortal essence,
a charming moment of true romance!!!