I have a smile on my face
That split in the colors of love
With sweet pains picked up in the chest
I remembered your lips have become dark

I have lightened your tail in the bowl
To become a bridge of birth in the sun
And to open when I say to love
With a justification in your smile

If I am burning in the hell
Tell them if I live without them
Tell them that they are living
Say something false that they are afraid of them

Tell them that they are wholesale, by name
Come to see them in their eyes
They are in the night with the enemy
Let's wake up if you rest

The curse that they put on the unbelievers
Doing so much work show them glasses
Let me think he has thrown a letter

Let's get rid of the dust from the duck
They should not come to celebrate behind
There are maps that have come as soon as possible

Eyes were dead last night
Come back to the night moon
It is possible to have body-shedding
Just go to the green street