Inspired by Michelle

The author says, love is for you, love is for me
And love is for the birds that sing so sweetly

Love is for comely brides as well as bridegrooms
And love is for all the children in every land

Love is for the downtrodden ones and the homeless
And is for anyone who is feeling sad and blue

Love is for biological parents, guardians and pets
And love is for orphans and disabled people

Love is for the insane persons along the wayside
And love is for our friends and our enemies

Love is more valuable than riches and status
Love is undoubtedly the best thing in the world

True love invigorates the heart as fine wine.
Love shines as brightly as the stars in the heavens

Love is like the beautiful flowers in the fields
And love is like the water that flows in the rivers

Love inspires us to write stories, poems and songs
Love is like a melody that lingers in the memory

Everyone needs kindness, love and attention
All of us should have genuine love in our hearts

Yes, we have an obligation to love one another,
Therefore let us greet the faces we meet with love

Give a hand to anybody who needs assistance
And remember that love is for every one of us