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  • 101.  
    I 1.
    Farewell to Leyden's lonely bound,The Belgian Muse's sober seat;
  • 102.  
    With sordid floods the wintry UrnHath stain'd fair Richmond's level green:
  • 103.  
    Thou silent power, whose welcome swayCharms every anxious thought away;
  • 104.  
    Not for themselves did human kindContrive the parts by heaven assign'd
  • 105.  
    To-night retired, the queen of heaven
    With young Endymion stays;And now to Hesper it is given
  • 106.  
    Away! away!
    Tempt me no more, insidious Love: Thy soothing sway
  • 107.  
    If rightly tuneful bards decide,
    If it be fix'd in Love's decrees,That Beauty ought not to be tried
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