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Margaret Thomson Janvier (1844 – 1913) was an American poet and author of children's literature who published under the pseudonym Margaret Vandegrift.


Janvier was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to Francis de Haes Janvier and Emma (Newbold) Janvier. Her brother was the writer Thomas Allibone Janvier. She was initially educated at home and in the public school system before, in 1859, entering the Moravian Female Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She lived most of her adult life in Moorestown, New Jersey.Beginning around 1880, Janvier published collections of poetry, adventure novels, short stories, and fairy tales for young readers. Many of her adventure tales featured plucky protagonists — often girls — overcoming difficulties ranging from financ...
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  • The Sandman
    The rosy clouds float overhead,
    The sun is going down,
    And now the sandman's gentle tread
    Comes stealing through the town....
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Head 1 Quiet 1 Long 1 Wise 1 Good 1 White 1 Sweet 1 Shore 1 Blue 1 Sunny 1

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Ceninvoncatlien: clover beach for boys and girls, by margaret vandegrift, 1880
Mirocanaletto: inspirational short stories about love and hope...sort of Ÿ˜¶ the dead doll and other verses 1888 vandegrift, margare...
Calmorgan: this isn't terrifying at all (from clover beach, margaret vandegrift, 1880)
Robertonunes19: the absent-minded fairy for boys and girls. margaret vandegrift (1845-1913). illustrated by e. b. be
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