My respected teacher
She treated me like a parents
Kind and caring for me
She made my life heaven,

She taught me
How to write and draw
She taught me
How to read and how to use

She gives me many lessons
But also education
But life lessons too
She is full bright,

She taught me about the world and life
For some time she is a mother
She looks at me like a garden
She is a guide star for me.

©Ruqiya Binti Wuliullah

Ruqiya Binti Waliullah, She was a poetess From Myanmar (Yangon),
She was educated and degree holder (B.Sc Chemistry), She loves to write Burmese and English poems,
Write is her passion and reading her habits, Her poems were published in many national and international.
Finally , She feel with a cancer disease since 7th Aug 2019
She was massive humble, honest and respected person.
Unfortunately, She passed way in the life and her death date 17/10/2020. Her ambition was to shine her son(Osama) like star for the sake of Allah, O Allah fulfill her desire, Ameen . May Allah grant her the highest level of paradise, Ameen.