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Madison Julius Cawein (March 23, 1865 – December 8, 1914) was a poet from Louisville, Kentucky.


Madison Julius Cawein was born in Louisville, Kentucky on March 23, 1865, the fifth child of William and Christiana (Stelsly) Cawein. His father made patent medicines from herbs. Thus as a child, Cawein became acquainted with and developed a love for local nature.

After graduating from high school, Cawein worked in a pool hall in Louisville as a cashier in Waddill's New-market, which also served as a gambling house. He worked there for six years, saving his pay so he could return home to write.

His output was thirty-six books and 1,500 poems. His writing presented Kentucky scenes in a language echoing Percy Bysshe Shelley and John Keats. ...
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Madison Cawein Poems

  • Under Arcturus

    “I belt the morn with ribboned mist;
    With baldricked blue I gird the noon,...
  • The Path To The Woods
    Its friendship and its carelessness
    Did lead me many a mile,
    Through goat's-rue, with its dim caress,
    And pink and pearl-white smile;...
  • Here Is The Place Where Loveliness Keeps House
    Here is the place where Loveliness keeps house,
    Between the river and the wooded hills,
    Within a valley where the Springtime spills
    Her firstling wind-flowers under blossoming boughs:...
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