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John Vance Cheney (December 29, 1848 in Groveland, New York – May 1, 1922) was an American poet, essayist and librarian. Educated in Geneseo, New York, Cheney practiced law briefly in Woodstock, Vermont and New York City before moving to California with his first wife Abigail Perkins Vance Cheney, teaching music, lecturing, and working as a postal clerk. In 1887 he assumed the position of librarian of the Free Public Library of San Francisco, where he oversaw the openings of the system's first branch libraries and hosted the first west coast conference of the American Library Association in 1891. In 1894 he moved to Chicago, where he served as librarian of the Newberry Library. In 1909 he retired and moved to San Diego with his second wife, Sara Barker Chamberlain.Cheney was a regular co...
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John Vance Cheney Poems

  • Kitchen Clock, The
    Knitting is the maid o' the kitchen, Milly,
    Doing nothing sits the chore boy, Billy:
    "Seconds reckoned,
    Seconds reckoned; ...
  • The Happiest Heart
    Who drives the horses of the sun
    Shall lord it but a day;
    Better the lowly deed were done,
    And kept the humble way....
  • Somewhere
    The weasel thieves in silver suit,
    The rabbit runs in gray;
    And Pan takes up his frosty flute
    To pipe the cold away....
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Aovmz: "the soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears." ― john vance cheney.
Akurathgb: nimrit you rock the soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears.:-john vance cheney..
_teamnimrit_: stay resilient nimrit the soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears. - john vance cheney..
Georg_grey: the soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears. - john vance cheney
Shadester17: (thurs., 11/17:) "the happiest heart that ever beat was in some quiet breast that found the common daylight sweet and left heaven to the rest." john vance cheney
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