Louise Imogen Guiney Light Poems

  • 1.

    The mare is pawing by the oak,
    The chaise is cool and wide
  • 2.
    Praised be the moon of books! that doth above
    A world of men, the fallen Past behold,
    And fill the spaces else so void and cold
    To make a very heaven again thereof;
  • 3.
    TRUE loveâ??s own talisman, which here
    Shakespeare and Sidney failed to teach,
    A steel-and-velvet Cavalier
    Gave to our Saxon speech:
  • 4.
    Open, Time, and let him pass
    Shortly where his feet would be!
    Like a leaf at Michaelmas
    Swooning from the tree,
  • 5.
    ARE favoring ladies above thee?
    Are there dowries and lands? Do they say
    Seven others are fair? But I love thee:
    Aultre nâ??auray!
  • 6.
    Thabor of England! since my light is short
    And faint, O rather by the sun anew
    Of timeless passion set my dial true,
    That with thy saints and thee I may consort,
  • 7.
    The evenfall, so slow on hills, hath shot
    Far down into the valley's cold extreme,
    Untimely midnight; spire and roof and stream
    Like fleeing spectres, shudder and are not.
  • 8.

    We chose the faint chill morning, friend and friend,
    Pacing the twilight out beneath an oak,
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