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For other people with this last name, see Guiney. ca. 1900 Louise Imogen Guiney (January 17, 1861 – November 2, 1920) was an American poet, essayist and editor, born in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

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Louise Imogen Guiney Poems

  • A Seventeenth-century Song
    She alone of Shepherdesses
    With her blue disdayning eyes,
    Wo'd not hark a Kyng that dresses
    All his lute in sighes: ...
  • Among The Flags
    In Doric Hall, Massachussetts State House

    Dear witnesses, all-luminous, eloquent,
    Stacked thickly on the tessellated floor! ...
  • Brook Farm
    Down the long road, bent and brown,
    Youth, that dearly loves a vision,
    Ventures to the gate Elysian,
    As a pilgrim from the town. ...
  • Sunday Chimes In The City
    Across the bridge, where in the morning blow
    The wrinkled tide turns homeward, and is fain
    Homeward to drag the balck sea-goer's chain,
    And the long yards by Dowgate dipping low; ...
  • The Atoning Yesterday
    Ye daffodilian days, whose fallen towers
    Shielded our paradisal prime from ill,
    Fair Past, fair motherhood! let come what will,
    We, being yours, defy the anarch powers. ...
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  • Potenspuella: (the heroine:
  • Egaffney4: there is a new hybrid collection-anthology), ed by holly faith nelson & jonathan nauman, on louise imogen guiney, a remarkable late c19th / early c20th author, editor, & literary critic. find more info on the book at
  • Danalai6: this is the "first edited collection of original essays ever published on louise imogen guiney (1861-1920), irish american poet, essayist, editor, literary critic, and epistolist, and the first volume to anthologise a selection of both her poetry and prose."
  • Book_addict: happy birthday to writer and poet louise imogen guiney (january 7,1861), author of "the white sail and other poems” (1887) et al.
  • Ontou7: louise imogen guiney january 7, 1861– november 2, 1920 american poet, essayist and editor, born in roxbury massachusetts. the daughter of general patrick r. guiney, an irish-born american civil war officer and lawyer, and jeannette margaret doyle,
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