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Lope De Vega Books, Lope De Vega poetry book A Wild Night in Toledo Authors: Lope De Vega
Publisher: Juan de La Cuesta-Hispanic Monographs
Published Date: 2018-11-27
Categories: Drama
This translation of Lope de Vega's "La noche toledana" is part of the Diversifying the Classics project at UCLA, which seeks to foster awareness and appreciation of the Hispanic Golden Age and give theater professionals the materials and tools to explore its rich tradition.

Lope De Vega Books, Lope De Vega poetry book Translations of the American Plays of Lope de Vega Authors: Lope de Vega, Kenneth A. Stackhouse
Publisher: Edwin Mellen Press
Published Date: 2003-01-01
Categories: Performing Arts
Translation into English verse, with facing annotated Castilian, of Lope de Vega's three American plays.

Lope De Vega Books, Lope De Vega poetry book Three Spanish Golden Age Plays Authors: Lope De Vega, Roja Zorrila, Gwynne Edwards
Publisher: A&C Black
Published Date: 2014-07-17
Categories: Drama
Three classic Spanish plays, made famous by Shakespeare and Webster Two of the most famous and successful playwrights of Spain's Golden Age of playwriting were Lope de Vega (1562-1635) and Rojas Zorrilla (1607-48). From their prodigious output, the three plays in this volume, based on similar sources to Shakespeare's and Webster's versions, provide a fascinating comparison with their Jacobean counterparts. Lope's The Duchess of Amalfi's Steward, in contrast to Webster's play, focuses on the nobility of love, with characters who are complex and appealing. His Romeo-and-Juliet story, The Capulets and Montagues, is a fast-moving mixture of serious and comic, with an ending that will surprise and entertain. Rojas' treatment of Cleopatra, with its rich imagery, emphasises the love theme, held within a knot of jealous relationships. A full introduction by Gwynne Edwards sets the plays in context and provides a thorough study of the individual works.

Lope De Vega Books, Lope De Vega poetry book Madness in Valencia and Peribanez Authors: Lope de Vega
Publisher: Oberon Books Limited
Published Date: 1998
Categories: Drama
Two of the finest comedies from a giant of Spanish theatre. Drawing on everything from street life to lives of the saints, Lope de Vega was a prolific and compelling writer who treated an enormous range of subjects, often mixing comedy with tragedy, much to the horror of the classicists.

Lope De Vega Books, Lope De Vega poetry book Fuente Ovejuna Authors: Lope de Vega
Publisher: Nick Hern Books
Published Date: 2009
Categories: Drama
A faithful translation of the first-ever "revolutionary" play--not an adaptation--complete with full introduction.

Lope De Vega Books, Lope De Vega poetry book Fuenteovejuna Authors: Lope de Vega
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Published Date: 2012-04-27
Categories: Foreign Language Study
DIVA captivating 17th-century drama of peasants defending their honor against oppression by a feudal lord. Features an excellent English-prose version on the pages facing the original Spanish. /div

Lope De Vega Books, Lope De Vega poetry book Wit's end Authors: Edward H. Friedman, Lope de Vega
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Inc
Published Date: 2000
Categories: Drama
Building on the ironies of gender politics, Wit's End presents the metamorphosis of the "slow" sister while allowing the intellectual sister to maintain her lofty aspirations. The volume contains the text of Wit's End, together with an introduction that focuses on the background, criticism, and adaptations of La dama boba."--BOOK JACKET.

Lope De Vega Books, Lope De Vega poetry book Four Plays by Lope de Vega Authors: Lope De Vega, Jacinto Benavente
Published Date: 2013-10
This is a new release of the original 1936 edition.

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