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Llewellyn Douglas Port Elizabeth South Africa ...
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  • Who You Are
    Knowing you for so many years
    Still cant tell or explain
    the joy and the tears
    the hurt and the pain ...
  • Existing Nobody
    When you close your eyes do you think of me
    Am I just a picture on the wall, just a memory
    By the look in your eyes I can tell
    What use to be funny is no more ...
  • One Day I Will Fly Away
    How long will i carry this heavy load
    feels like any minute i will explode
    cant keep this feeling anymore
    this i know for sure ...
  • Got To Be Strong
    Looking up and saw the sky
    From down here its very high
    Pride has left me paralyzed
    But early enough ive realised ...
  • Waiting On You
    Here we are just you and me.
    I know you can hear and see
    Trying my best to hear from you
    How I’ve tried just to be true ...
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Love 3 I Love You 3 Time 2 Play 2 Almighty 1 Dream 1 Mother 1 God 1 Future 1 Freedom 1

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Deidre: Hi Llewellyn
I trust that you are well.
This is all so heart felt, deep and things so. Many can relate to and with.
Thank you for sharing this with us.
God bless you.

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