The African Prince Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


IT was a king in AfricaA
He had an only sonB
And none of Europe's crowned kingsC
Could have a dearer oneB
With good cane arrows five feet longD
And with a shining bowE
When but a boy to the palm woodsF
Would that young hunter goG
And home he brought white ivoryH
And many a spotted hideI
When leopards fierce and beautifulJ
Beneath his arrows diedI
Around his arms around his browE
A shining bar was rolledK
It was to mark his royal bloodL
He wore that bar of goldK
And often at his father's feetM
The evening he would passN
When weary of the hunt he layO
Upon the scented grassN
Alas it was an evil dayO
When such a thing could beH
When strangers pale and terribleJ
Came o'er the distant seaH
They found the young prince mid the woodsF
The palm woods deep and darkP
That day his lion hunt was doneB
They bore him to their barkP
They bound him in a narrow holdK
With others of his kindQ
For weeks did that accursed shipR
Sail on before the windQ
Now shame upon the cruel windQ
And on the cruel seaH
That did not with some mighty stormS
Set those poor captives freeH
Or shame to those weak thoughts so fainT
To have their wilful wayO
God knoweth what is best for allU
The winds and seas obeyO
At length a lovely island roseV
From out the ocean waveW
They took him to the market placeX
And sold him for a slaveW
Some built them homes and in the shadeY
Of flowered and fragrant treesZ
They half forgot the palm hid hutsA2
They left far o'er the seasZ
But he was born of nobler bloodL
And was of nobler kindQ
And even unto death his heartB2
For its own kindred pinedQ
There came to him a seraph childC2
With eyes of gentlest blueD2
If there are angels in high heavenB
Earth has its angels tooD2
She cheered him with her holy wordsE2
She soothed him with her tearsF2
And pityingly she spoke with himG2
Of home and early yearsH2
And when his heart was all subduedI2
By kindness into loveJ2
She taught him from this weary earthK2
To look in faith aboveJ2
She told him how the Saviour diedI
For man upon the treeH
'He suffered ' said the holy childC2
'For you as well as me '-
Sorrow and death have need of faithL2
The African believedM2
As rain falls fertile on the earthK2
Those words his soul receivedM2
He died in hope as only thoseV
Who die in Christ departB2
One blessed name within his lipsN2
One hope within his heartB2

Letitia Elizabeth Landon


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