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Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Young Children with ADHD Authors: George J. DuPaul, Lee Kern
Publisher: Amer Psychological Assn
Published Date: 2011
Categories: Medical
Describes empirically-supported early intervention with children aged 2-5 years who have or are at risk for ADHD. It presents a three-tiered model for prevention and intervention that can be implemented at home or in preschool settings. The model can be adjusted to the degree of difficulty the child is experiencing and consists of universal intervention strategies, small group skills instruction, and assessment-based behavioural interventions.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Autumn Ideas (eBook) Authors: Lee Ellen Ehorn, Shirely J. Hewlett, Dale M. Hewlett
Publisher: Lorenz Educational Press
Published Date: 1995-09-01
This book was written to introduce interesting facts about people whose actions have influenced our lives and contributed to the way we think and live today. Creative writing lessons can accompany the study of each day, and children may be encouraged to write their own essays, poems, or plays.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Television Series Revivals Authors: Lee Goldberg
Publisher: McFarland
Published Date: 1993
Categories: Performing Arts
From Adam-12 to Ultraman, the series here were all ended but later returned. To be included a show must have been cancelled, with no new episodes produced, for longer than one full year. Each entry shows the original series title, the network, and the years they were broadcast. Also given are an overview of how the characters changed between first-run and revival, plot synopses, and production information on the remake.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book The Power Principle Authors: Blaine Lee
Published Date: 1997
Categories: Business & Economics
A guide on how to influence people without coercion or fear explains how to get people to respect who you are, what you stand for, and where you want to get in life. 125,000 first printing.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Zero Defect Marketing Authors: Lee A. Friedman, David H. Rothman
Publisher: Irwin Professional Pub
Published Date: 1988
Categories: Technology & Engineering
Explains the basics of the marketing process, and discusses competition, effective proposals, new product development, contract bidding, and myths about marketing

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book It's Loose Authors: Warner Lee
Published Date: 1990-07
Categories: Fiction
When the thaw comes to Ice Island, there is no escape from evil. Each spring, there are weeks when the island is completely cut off from the mainland. No one can arrive on the island--and no one can leave. And this year, evil has found a new home . . . .

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Unreliable Sources Authors: Martin A. Lee, Norman Solomon
Publisher: Lyle Stuart
Published Date: 1991
Categories: Social Science
Argues that the public accountability of the mass media is decreasing, discusses the implications of this trend, and provides guidelines for detecting bias and coverup

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book You Gotta Have Heart Authors: Richard Adler, Lee Davis
Publisher: Dutton
Published Date: 1990
Categories: Composers
The memoirs of a Broadway insider who created two hit musicals with his partner, Jerry Ross, features a host of theatrical anecdotes and profiles of Cole Porter, Bob Fosse, Shirley MacLaine, and other luminaries

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Megatraits Authors: Doris Lee McCoy
Publisher: Wordware
Published Date: 1988
Categories: Celebrities
Interviews with successful people in business and politics, share their views on the qualities necessary to lead a rich and fulfilling life

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book The Captive American Authors: Lee Brandenburg, Andrew Lewis Shepherd
Publisher: LJR Group
Published Date: 1988
Categories: Political participation
Brandenburg has uncovered the startling political process that controls national decision-making, the mechanisms that have taken over the system because we let them-and the people behind the scenes who hold us captive.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book I Gotta Tell You Authors: Matthew Wayne Seeger
Published Date: 1994
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
The book concludes with speeches delivered on special occasions, such as commencements and the celebration of the Statue of Liberty, when Iacocca donned the role of celebrity and statesman.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book The New Manager's Handbook Authors: Brad Lee Thompson
Publisher: Irwin Professional Publishing
Published Date: 1995
Categories: Business & Economics
Covers supervision, planning, organization, influence, facilitation, communication, delegation, networking, employee selection, diversity, assertiveness, conflict resolution, stress management, and career development

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book A Cognitive Model for Understanding Graphical Perception Authors: Gerald Lee Lohse
Published Date: 1991
Categories: Cognitive learning
explains about 37 of the variation in reaction times.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book The Basis of Management in Public Organizations Authors: Dalton S. Lee
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
Published Date: 1990
Categories: Political Science
This novel interpretation of management develops a whole new way of thinking about the managerial role. The Basis of Management in Public Organizations is an insightful and invaluable guide to managers and supervisors at all levels who wish to understand the real purpose of public management in a democratic context. The author also addresses several barriers to accepting and implementing this innovative approach.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Sun Tzu Authors: Chow Hou Wee, Khai Sheang Lee, Bambang Walujo Hidajat
Publisher: Addison Wesley Publishing Company
Published Date: 1996
Categories: Industrial management
Sun Tzu's Art of War an ancient Chinese philosopher-warrior's rules for successes in battle, is considered required reading at business schools in Japan, and increasingly throughout the world. Now, three Asian scholars and consultants have made explicit how the concerns of war--the terrain, deception, the moral influence of the leader--play out in the boardroom.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Making the Right Decision Authors: Lee Roy Beach
Published Date: 1993
Categories: Corporate culture.
Backed by theory and research, this book is based upon the belief that if the decision making of an organization is to be productive, the decision makers must share a viewpoint consisting of knowledge about the organization's culture, vision and its ongoing plans and activities.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Mentoring Authors: Ron Lee Davis
Publisher: Thomas Nelson Incorporated
Published Date: 1991
Categories: Christian life.
Argues that the concept and principles of mentoring are derived from the example of Jesus Christ, and describes how mentoring can change lives and promote spiritual growth

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Magic Apples Authors: Lee Steels
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Published Date: 2014-08-29
Categories: Fiction
MAGIC APPLES is a daily reader with 366 reflections to mull. The topics are broad in scope with a liberal approach. Drawn from the authors experience as a teacher, parent, coach, musician and big kid, the reflections are an eclectic mix of food for thought. Every 6th day is a silly story intended to produce those healing endorphins we all need to keep our equilibrium. There are plenty of opportunities to laugh, cry and to agree or disagree. If you need to escape from autopilot and enhance your life-long learning skills, MAGIC APPLES should give you lots to chew on. If you desire a modern approach to traditional tales, new ways to love your fellowtravelers and the chance to laugh at the human condition, a magic apple each day will be to your delight.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Call Me Roger Authors: Albert Lee
Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Contemporary
Published Date: 1989
Categories: Automobile industry and trade
"The story of how Roger Smith, chairman of General Motors, transformed the industry leader into a fallen giant"--Jacket subtitle.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book From self to sources Authors: Lee E. Brandon
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)
Published Date: 2003-01
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
This resource provides instructors with answers to questions in the student text, plus marginal teaching tips. Also, the Instructor's Guide featured as part of the IAE includes syllabi, writing strategies, suggestions for evaluating papers, and quizzes for both professional reading selections and handbook material.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book The ABC-CLIO Companion to Transportation in America Authors: William Lee Richter
Publisher: Abc-Clio Incorporated
Published Date: 1995
Categories: Social Science
Gives an historical overview of transportation from the year 1607 to the present, including entries on people, places, and legislation

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Improving the Landscape of Your Life Authors: Peter Burwash
Publisher: Torchlight Pub
Published Date: 1999-01-01
Categories: Self-Help
Reveals twelve essential habits for success, from having the courage to change and getting out of one's comfort zone to building a set of values and developing a good attitude

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Reframing Organizations Authors: Lee G. Bolman, Terrence E. Deal
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Published Date: 2003-08-27
Categories: Business & Economics
Authors Lee Bolman and Terrence Deal explain how to use the powerful tool of reframing, deliberately looking at situations from more than one vantage point, to bring order out of confusion and to build high-performing, responsive organizations.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Where Have All the Leaders Gone? Authors: Lee Iacocca, Catherine Whitney
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Published Date: 2008-04-15
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
A former chief executive of Chrysler Corporation addresses key issues facing today's Americans, from job security and global competition to the war in Iraq and the corporate problems facing the auto industry, in an account throughout which he shares life lessons gleaned from his personal and professional experiences. Reprint. 250,000 first printing.

Lee Iacocca Books, Lee Iacocca poetry book Iacocca Authors: Lee A. Iacocca, William Novak
Published Date: 1984
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Portrays the life of Lee Iacocca, who brought Chrysler back from the brink.

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