Lee Harwood Poems

  • 1.
    The blur of sky and sea
    this white grey morning
    before the day burns
    moves into blue
  • 2.
    The white cloud passed over the land
    there is sea always round the land
    the sky is blue always above the cloud
    the cloud in the blue continues to move
  • 3.
    Clouds scattered across the sky       &nbs p;all so far away
    and then the space between         this strange 'distance'
    What does 'normal' mean, after all?       &nb sp;you move
    toward the window       & nbsp;lights marking the headland
  • 4.
    The ridges either side of the valley
    were covered in dark pine forest.
    The ploughed hill sides were red,
    and the pastures were very green.
  • 5.
    The table was filled with many objects

    The wild tribesmen in the hills,
    whose very robes were decorated with designs
  • 6.
    (for Peter Ruppell)

    You wrote such a love poem that I was
    dumb-founded & left to scratch the sand
  • 7.
    for Marian

    Looking at the zoo the great white park
    of a misty winter-s afternoon -You-re great!
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