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tjeeting: Wld male hustlers look in each sun never the center shade of Lee Harwood. Some wrote this.

paulsinha: You're all loving Mick Lynch now but Tom Harwood has a photo from 2019 of Lynch happily using a train.

tjeeting: Lee Harwood. Some weathers arouse a young blond Anglo man in a beach.

NachevSiana: I wonder who funds people like Darren Grimes, Tom Harwood & Sophie Corcoran? Because someone DEFINITELY funds them. They’re too stupid to find a normal job, a brief 3 minutes work interview will finish by showing them the door. And who believe that they’re ‘journalists’?

WWEMatchBot: Money in the Bank: The Crusher grabbed the briefcase to beat Dax Harwood, Keith Lee, Bob Backlund, Jillian Hall, Hania The Howling Huntress, Scott Stanford and Nikki Cross on Twitch

LeeHarwood123: Hi welcome to my twitter, my name is lee thomas harwood, I'm an actor and model and I occasion practice to sing and dance. my dream is to become an amazing actor and model and to make others happy and mainly for me to be the happiest person I've ever been.

microbius: Before the cover reveal:

c_may_cm: Around this time last year it was my grandmother’s funeral. I read a Lee Harwood poem during the service, though I don’t know is she had ever liked poetry.

microbius: OTD 1939 Lee Harwood was born. Best get back to co-editing his New Collected Poems (read about it with links here:

julie_xjx: OFFER: Fishing trolley (Harwood Lee BL2)

GrumpyHeino: The line-up features three survivors of Lynyrd Skynyrd (Allen, Leon and Billy) while Derek Hess and Barry Lee Harwood came on board in Rossington Collins Band. Jimmy Dougherty and Randall Hall -who joined the resurrected Lynyrd Skynyrd in 1987- were newcomers in the band.

NaveenKhichi5: Cm punk put over so many talents in aew like Darby, john silver,Penta,max carter, dax harwood, MJF Shawn spears, WARDLOW, lee, qt marshell and many more. Clapping for cm Junk. Greatest Wrestler of all time

BedfordTXPD: MISSING-ENDANGERED PERSON: Bedford Police Department is asking the public’s help to locate 66-year-old Richard “Lee” Dailey. Richard was last seen this morning at 8:00 a.m. at Walgreens (4121 Harwood Road). Mr. Dailey has been entered as a Missing- Endangered person.

BackupHangman: Andrade Malakai Black Dax Harwood Ricky Starks Konosuke Takeshita Will Hobbs Wheeler Yuta Wardlow Bryan Danielson Miro Lance Archer Daniel Garcia Pentagon Jr Buddy Matthews Eddie Kingston Keith Lee Darby Allin Hook Dante Martin Brody King Swerve Strickland Rey Fenix

peterdamianent1: Hampton Court Shelter - Lee Harwood That hue of light you find on a summer afternoon when a rain storm batters the gardens, stitches the heavy river. Like dusk but not. You and I in a room set with windows overlooking that river. A room...

BackupHangman: 1. CM Punk 2. Bryan Danielson 3. Jon Moxley 4. Dax Harwood 5. Hangman Page 6. Daniel Garcia 7. Ricky Starks 8. MJF 9. Keith Lee 10. Malakai Black

GeorgeMentzos: 1. Dax Harwood 2. Ricky Starks 3. Jon Moxley 4. Andrade 5. Hangman Page 6. Cash Wheeler 7. Ethan Page 8. Jungle Boy 9. Samoa Joe 10. Lee Moriarty

GoGetItRD2: 1. Moxley 2. Adam Page 3. Penta 4. CM Punk 5. Keith Lee 6. Ricky Starks 7. Danielson 8. Jungle Boy 9. Scorpio Sky 10. Dax Harwood

MySwagga91: Kenny Omega AJ Styles Sting Liger Eddie Guerrero Bret Hart Hawk Animal Kay Lee Ray Candice LeRae Minoru Suzuki Dax Harwood Cash Wheeler Scott Hall Chris Jericho

microbius: That is, of course, the New Collected Poems of Lee Harwood. Oh well, enough Twitter, back to the proofreading!

MC_00_: Maybe Tom Harwood, Isabel Oakeshott, and Lee Anderson should compile a recipe book for the rest of us plebs spending more than 30p on our daily meals, to show us how it's really done...

RonBuddha: Hangman Adam Page Thunder Rosa Adam Cole Alan Angels Andrade Angelico Bobby Fish Bryan Danielson Buddy Matthews Cash Wheeler Christian Cage Christopher Daniels CM Punk Daniel Garcia Dax Harwood Ethan Page Evil Uno Jay Lethal John Silver Jon Moxely Keith Lee

dodgemyeyes: Also Lee Harwood, we met F. T. Prince once or twice. & translated Tzara, whom I believe he met in Paris. Friend of J. Ashberry.

jadengeorge6: 1. Lance Archer vs Wardlow 2. Serena Deeb vs Hikaru Shida 3. Cole,Youngbucks and RedDragon vs Martin, VB, Lee Johnson and. Brock Anderson 4. Harwood vs Wheeler TOHF Men's Tournament Qualifiers 5. Blackpool C. Club vs Marshall, Solo and Comoroto

Majhatesall: Ali must be the first wrestler in the fed that wanted to leave because he wasn’t being utilized or used. Wait…one sec. Brodie Lee Cash wheeler Dax harwood (they asked for their release while in their ring gear after a match) Miro Jon moxley Lince dorado Have entered the chat.

DCC_Feethams: 2nd XI v 1st XI 2nd XI 24/2 (7.6) 7.6: Osbourne to Harwood, OUT Matty Harwood c Gary Lee b Greg Osbourne 8 (21)

ZackAanderson: Tzara, from “landscapes and accidents” (tr. Lee Harwood)

Baskerville448: Gary Lineker, who used tax loopholes to avoid paying £4.9million in taxes, is now waxing lyrical about immoral tax avoidance. What, with Tom Harwood asking what a woman is, Twitter just gets more and more surreal. Parody doesn't even begin to cover it.

jamies_revenge: Chanson Dada - selected poems of Tristan Tzara translated by Lee Harwood

julie_xjx: OFFER: Wood external door (Harwood Lee BL2)

OccupyDemocrats: BREAKING: CNN’s John Harwood accuses Trump of being a “mentally unwell” narcissist who can’t “distinguish between true, false, right, wrong, America’s friends and America’s enemies” — and has “aligned himself with Putin” in exchange for “financial help.” RT IF YOU’RE WITH JOHN!

citrus_cooler: Just some matches I cant wait to see Hobbs v Keith Lee Redragon vs BlackPool Club Punk vs Danielson Kyle vs Garcia Garcia vs Miro Miro v Hobbs Miro v Keith Lee Harwood v Garcia Andrade vs Danielson Mox vs Punk Elite vs House of Black Dante v PAC Dante v Fenix Starks v Moriarty

peterkidder: Cash Wheeler,Brodie Lee and Dax Harwood

TomBarclay_: Taylor Harwood-Bellis will captain England Under-21s again tomorrow in Albania, Lee Carsley confirms. LC had said he may move the armband around

shootstylecore: Fantasy booking time, the perfect Owen Cup lineup for AEW would be: Takeshita vs Dax Harwood Jungle Boy vs Lee Moriarty Ethan Page vs YUTA Daniel Garcia vs Rocky Romero Anything else would be worse imo, because the Owen Cup would be great to showcase more technical talents

englandyouth: arguably the strongest XI that Lee Carsley could put out (could argue Gordon over Gibbs-White maybe) against Andorra. the U21s line up with Bursik in goal, plus Thomas, Colwill, Harwood-Bellis (c), Doyle, Elliott, Ramsey, Balogun, Gibbs-White, Madueke, and Livramento.

luis111111113: Único LP de Allen Collins Band, "Here, There And Back", edición MCA de 1983. Southern Rock con Allen Collins (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Barry Lee Harwood, Randall Hall, Billy Powell, Jimmy Dougherty y otros.

microbius: I think of 2 freshly pulled pints of Hophead standing on the bar in Brighton, their fog of bubbles clearing from the bottom-up like revolution, the clean taste of bitter pleasure, that we could have shared, Lee. (written i.m. Lee Harwood, before you could get HH in L'pool!)

ACJRnetwork: Paul Harwood and Martin Lee of Nansen, a blockchain analytics platform, will do a deep dive into the NFT market on March 23 at 9 a.m. ET. Learn how to track and use the data.

SocietyMovies: Adam Cole, Andrade, Bryan Danielson, Buddy Murphy, Cash Wheeler, Chris Jericho, Christian, CM Punk, Dax Harwood, Dustin Rhodes, Jake Hager, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Jon Moxley, Keith Lee, Kyle O'Reilly, Malakai Black, Miro, Pac, Strickland, Shawn Spears, Sting, Big Show...(cont)

StructureDFW: Lucy Lee’s Dog Grooming leased 1,040 SF of retail space at 151 W. Harwood Road in Hurst. Jake Burns and Quyen Nguyen of Structure Commercial negotiated the lease.

julie_xjx: OFFER: Bookcase (Harwood Lee BL2)

julie_xjx: OFFER: Bookcase (Harwood Lee BL2)

Sir_Samuel: Looking at this team I would make a few changes based on new signings - Keith Lee replaces Wardlow at loose head prop - Bryan Danielson replaces Dax Harwood at inside center - Adam Cole at fullback for JB Those three replace Brian Cage, Cody & Dante Martin on the bench.

JessicaPitcock: The Cumberland County Panthers are the 16th District Freshman Champs.Pictured is Coach Patrick Crawley, Khalin Walden, Aiden Branham, Ray Harwood, Byren Crawley, Deven Norris, Kane Cross, Elijah Bullock, Derrick Sells, Coach Daniel Lee, Connor Cash, Dawson Duvall, and Burk Sells

411wrestling: Mikey Rukus On Why Keith Lee Didn’t Rap His Own Theme

411mania: Various News: Mikey Rukus On Why Keith Lee Didn’t Rap His Own Theme, Eddie Kingston and Dax Harwood Praise Isiah K

julie_xjx: WANTED: LAMBRETTA (Harwood Lee BL2)

Grapple_PW: The next match in Quadrant 1 is Lee Moriarty vs. Dax Harwood: Moriarty advances after Dax falls victim to Wu-Tang Forever; setting up Lee Moriarty vs. Andrade El Idolo in the Quarter Finals.

julie_xjx: WANTED: LAMBRETTA (Harwood Lee BL2)

Lashesxx: If you think the Starmer debacle with Savile was bad you really need to read about Ian Tomlinson's death…and bungled prosecution of Simon Harwood.. Oh and of course Assange and Jean Charles de Menezes

julie_xjx: OFFER: Cushion /soft toy filling (Harwood Lee BL2)

QuizzicalOne: Lee Johnson almost folds Dax Harwood with the first dive and then almost breaks his ass on the second dive. Gotta chill.

QuidsInn: Wed 8pm Karaoke Stars with Andy Thurs 8pm Holiday Dog Music present Aaron Harwood Fri 9-15pm Nicki Naden with Chris Cole Sat 9-15pm The Barefoot Revolution Sun 3-15pm Karaoke Stars with Nige ‘T’ Sun 7-30pm Manxical Mystery Tour Beatles Tribute

BmillsBilly: Poems by Lee Harwood

microbius: Lee Harwood: 4 Poems (and a note on them) in Abandoned Playground (ahead of co-editing of H's New Collected Poems|)... I write about it with links:

microbius: Thanks Dan! I write about Lee and the NCP here:

nicksturm: here's what you could find at Indica, per an ad in the New York issue of Lee Harwood's TZARAD mag, October 1966

julie_xjx: WANTED: Small white dressing table (Harwood Lee BL2)

GBNEWS: ‘I can count at least four different MPs, who on four different occasions were lobbied by the Chinese Embassy to stop me talking about Human Rights’ Chief Executive of Hong Kong Watch, Ben Rogers, discusses Chinese Spy Christine Lee and Chinese influence with Tom Harwood.

grahamjsutton: Which Bluetick bloke will be next to join the dimwits below who don't know what a woman is? David Lammy Seth Abramsom George Takei James Max Stewart Lee Tom Harwood

julie_xjx: OFFER: Large wicker sofa "back" cushion & 2 chair seat cushions. (Harwood Lee B

julie_xjx: OFFER: Tv/microwave shelf (Harwood Lee BL2)

julie_xjx: OFFER: Men's JUDO GI (COMPETITION GRADE JACKET) (Harwood Lee BL2)

julie_xjx: OFFER: Bicycle pannier (Harwood Lee BL2)

julie_xjx: OFFER: Pictures (Harwood Lee BL2)

julie_xjx: OFFER: Wood framed picture (Harwood Lee BL2)

DropTheBelt: AEW Dynamite DropTheBelt Scoreboard 12/29/2021

kickurheadoff19: Im tryna see cody defend against dax harwood anthony bowens rocky romero lio rush john silver johnny mundo lee moriarty

tjeeting: Lee Harwood. Some story to collide, slide by.

julie_xjx: WANTED: Microwave (Harwood Lee BL2)

lharwood: Breaking: Lee Harwood is set to announce he isn't interested

AaronKing1004: MAIN EVENT: BLOOD AND GUTS II The Nightmare Family(Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Lee Johnson, Brock Anderson and Fuego Del Sol)(Heels) vs The Pinnacle(MJF, Wardlow, Shawn Spears, Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood)(Faces) After all 10 men enter(which took 25 minutes) -

FlagrantRasslin: 4 stars Miro v Orange Cassidy, Dynamite 11/3 Danielson v Rocky Romero, Dynamite 11/10 Dax Harwood v Pac, Dynamite 11/10 Edith Surreal v Lee Moriarty, Enjoy Canned Heat 3/11 Sabin/Moose/Swann v Good Brothers/Omega, Impact Hard to Kill Alexander v TJP v Ace Austin, Impact Rebellion

tjeeting: Krishna. The use of Lee Harwood. Some of seeds, oils, spices atop light till a false buffer.

julie_xjx: OFFER: 6ft Christmas Tree (Harwood Lee BL2)

bwilky23: Tristan Tzara translation by Lee Harwood in Poetmeat 4.

DukeKabooom: Those that shined: That Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty vs Dante Martin & Lio Rush match. What a debut by Lio & also by Lee. Such a fast pace and high energy match. Bastard Pac vs Dax Harwood was just a banger. Pac really crazily talented. If he performing, you're in for a treat.

CiaranRH2: Meltzer AEW ratings Rampage: Bryan Danielson vs Anthony Bowens: 4 Adam Cole vs John Silver: 4 Dynamite: Bryan Danielson vs Rocky Romero: 4 Jungle Boy vs Anthony Bowens: 3.5 Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty vs Lio Rush and Dante Martin: 4 PAC vs Dax Harwood: 4.25

BuckshotLariato: Literally every match on Dynamite was great, especially Dax Harwood vs PAC, Dante Martin and Leo Rush vs Lee Moriarty and Bryan Danielson vs Rocky Romero. We even got Okada and Ibushi references!

ChanThe50068007: Tonight's Dynamite: Bryan vs Romero PAC vs Harwood Inner Circle interview Sydal/Lee vs Martin/Rush Baker/Rebel/Hayter vs Tay/Rosa/Jay

JmMin37: PAC vs. Dax Harwood W Dax Harwood ( This one is a toss up, I can see them having the Lucha Bros do a distraction to cost Dax the match but I don’t think AEW want Dax to look weak going into Full Gear) Lio Rush and Dante Martin vs. Lee Moriarty and Matt Sydal W Rush and Martin

GBNEWS: Tom Harwood: I do wish more organisations would report when [Covid-19 cases] go down as well as when they go up.

tjeeting: Bundle of Lee Harwood. Some eyes of dogstuff abandond on the jaw expanded to fuse of deep blue, the demand of Leisure World.

WMBDNews: Peoria County Coroner Jamie Harwood stopped by this morning, to chat with Rebecca Brumfield and Kyreon Lee about the dangers of fentanyl-laced pills, and the resources that are available in central Illinois.

JordanDavisPoet: Gah, totally forgot I also need to find Erica Hunt’s new book. (Instead I found Lee Harwood’s collected, a Lisa Robertson book I didn’t know, and a Denise Riley book.) Got the Yi Sang, though, so happy reading time to me…

JordanDavisPoet: Hoping this will (finally) help me hold clear and distinct pictures in my mind of Lee Crabtree and Lee Harwood

dirthubuk: Lee Sampson kept his cool to win round 7 of the RAW Enduro Rock Oil Championship at Low North Camp Harwood Dale on Sunday… Pitch into the below for the Race Report and Results ⏬

tjeeting: This ungainliness of Lee Harwood. Some need 11 men doing volume to keep shaving.

ColiseudoWrg: - Lee Johnson e Brock Anderson venceram Luke Kurtis e Cameron Steward; - FTR (Dax Harwood e Cash Wheeler) venceram Stallion Rogers e Anthony Greene; - The Bunny venceu XTina Kay; - Lance Archer venceu Marcus Kross; +

cheshirefarm: Stockport Cheadle Heath, Stockport Bredbury, Stockport Reddish, Chester, Southport, Whitefield, Leyland, Ellesmere Port, Harwood Lee Gate, Ormskirk, Swinton, Thornton Cleveleys, West Kirby, Nantwich, Chorlton, Kirkham, Congleton, Bamber Bridge, Great Harwood, Bolton, Frodsham…

vsrsus: England U21s started life under new manager Lee Carsley with a win, beating Kosovo 2-0 in the first Euro 2023 qualifier. Cole Palmer and Rhian Brewster bagged goals in a team of new faces including Noni Madueke, Taylor Harwood-Bellis, Tyreece John-Jules and James Garner.

footyfragmento: England Under 21 team to play Kosovo Bursik Aarons Thomas Skipp Guehi Harwood-Bellis Madueke Garner Brewster Gallagher Palmer Pretty decent team to start off Lee Carsley's reign as manager

Jack_Gaughan: Lee Carsley’s first Under-21 squad announcement. Call-ups for James Garner, Cole Palmer, Taylor Harwood-Bellis, Harvey Elliott and Valentino Livramento. Friendly in Romania next Friday and Euro qualifier v Kosovo in MK (Sept 7).

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