" Who Am I? " Poem Rhyme Scheme and Analysis


Please tell me what am I feelingA
Am I a nobodyB
Just because of the scars all over my bodyB
Or its because of the cars you bought with the orphans moneyB
Hello please tell me when you kill our tomorrow is it funnyB
Mr is it true am just paranoidC
Or is it because I carry your burden in my headD
Have you looked at the fading shadow of that widowE
When you pass by fast peeping through your cars windowE
Is it true you said your eating meat so your people can feed on their salivaF
Have you heard that poor kid died because of your hard drugs damage to the LiverG
Is it true when you get sick your taken for treatment abroadH
Have you ever taken your time to visit the death awaiting rooms supposed to be hospitals in your country or visiting gets you boredI
Are you asking yourself who is this guyJ
To be sincere am lost too please tell me Am I telling a lieJ

Lee Bass
(C) All Rights Reserved. Poem Submitted on 01/17/2020


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