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own poetry websites i'm poet & author also something helps me cope with depression specially when have rare bone disorder & scoliosis with both is quiet very painful now mostly more in me wheelchair our days i never use be this way but since 2015 things become lot worse for me. Writing poetry something i enjoy not just poetry its good way getting me feelings out. Life is never ever easy by far it always come at like a tun of bricks i find it easy to explain how feel in poetry then speaking to someone im gift with few other things. https://angelsweetnessx19.wixsite.com/lilshyangels-poetry1 https://angelsweetnessx19.wixsite.com/author-angelscarroll https://angelsweetnessx19.wixsite.com/lilshyangel-poetry3...
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  • Days That I Call Mine
    Days that i call mine is the best,
    The days that i call mine is that i wont let nobody
    Bring me down the days that i call mine is because i will
    Fight for everything that i believe in but yet ...
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Mère des jeux latins et des voluptés grecques,

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