She lying on Barren land,
With her sandy long messy hair.
Eyes alike a cockle shell opens,
Shiny Pearly inside.
She gaze around
How she came here ?
And,it's an endless land.
She gazes far, where sandy kiss sky.
Blowing dusty winds murmers in,
And not the sweet chirping of nature.
She alike a snail moves on..
In hope of Blue, Green and Orange,
But only Brown.
She stands like trapped on a road of no signs.
Screaming of loneliness.
Suddenly a shadow behind, but
Scare to turn back;
Feather touch on her shoulder,turns,
Its the hand of shadow,
a Black physique with long hair,
And made up of,
Hopes,dreams, pearls and gems..
Smiles at her and,
Takes out a sparkling gem out of,
To give her, and echoeingly whispers,
'You are not alone,
You are filled with
Hopes,dreams,pearls and gems,
Take out the gem inside you,
Brighten world with its sparkles'.
Suddenly I wake up,
And it's my home.
Where's the barren land and that Black lady?
Oh ! It was a dream, and
'She was me, Black lady my shadow,
And the sparkling gem in me '.