I am the sun,
I am a reflection of a thousand galaxies.
I am the salt of the Lake Kyoga,
A rising volcano in the East, and a diamond in South Eastern Uganda.
I may be from where the cows share a household with the family,
But I still run the town.
I run the city.
Maybe its because of my dark skin that absorbs awesomeness in a glow.
Maybe its because of my long legs that walk by the village stalls.
My smile was made to break hearts and stitch them right after.
They say I have a simple face,
But what does plain bring to the table?
I must say, I am beautiful.
When I walk by, all the boys stare at my mounted behind.
The women jeer in admiration wishing their daughters were I.
Maybe I was made to stop cars just like the town traffic lights.
Yes, I might sit by the village well,but I know I was made for the city.
Matter of fact, the city was made for me.
I am Ndagi.
Daughter of the pearl.