What do I do now? Now that my hearts been captured.
I didn't ask for this. I don't want this.
Or maybe I do.
It consumes all of me.
I can't wander without thinking of you.
And I can't think of you without my heart begging to flee.
I want to hide away in your arms when I cry,
But what if you're the cause of those tears?
When I see you, I want to jump,
But I know I'll be falling of a bridge.
And I'm scared because I fear heights.
I'm terrified of the feeling when you know it's the end and all your insides melt. The adrenaline, the danger.
And that's what you do to me, you challenge me to take risks, to be the best me or the worst me, you're bad for me
But if you're toxic, im addicted.
You've become a part of me, one I can't let go of, the other half to my whole.
And now that I know this, I'll go off that cliff with open arms as long as you'll be with me when I land,
Because you're horrible, and love-you/">I love you for it.