I wail in the wilderness of campus
To see your blossoming beauty
The beauty which is everything for me
It is my beginning and it is my end
It creates me, it sustains me
And it fills my heart with desires
The desires still unfulfilled in my life
The dreams still waiting to become reality
But Alas! my silent wailings fell on iron walls
And the union with the rose is far away
The Rose who lives in my heart always
The rose for which I choose this campus
The campus where I am being trained
Trained to become a professional
Professional protector of the sovereignty
Sovereignty of my Nation
The nation where I am born and sustained
The nation where I will die one day
And flow in it's streams and rivers
And sprang out in the form of Roses
The nation whose ideals I like
The grand idea of my great nation, which I like
The idea for which millions sacrificed lives
Sacrificed their lives to sustain this idea.

By Khushnaseeb Khan