U need food?
We have genetically modified food
We will give u nutritients on pills
We intend to insert a ship in your body ;
It will give u the same effect of food

U need to relax ?
Don't worry
We are controlling everything
U know you are connected..
We will insert , inject ...
Even send u to our new resort station,
On the other galaxy

Are u scared about the other life ?
Our labs will garantee you a longevity over 100 years,
After u can chose:
Eternal existance via cloning
Keeping your body on high temperature
To be burried on our new coffin genration;

U need love,
We love u
You have a dog , a cat ...
You will be the first to have our new robot;
it feels
Even cry ...with tears ;human tears
U can customize this robot
Many options...

U need freedom
U can choose from our options ;
Dont think deeply
We have locked your brain
If u insist
Dont forget the contract

But Why you are doing all this ??
We know,
We don't know

Why I'm doing nothig?